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Rhody Ram
13-05-2005, 20:01
Its actually pretty simple =)
Bring these 4 skills with you:

Essence Bond
Reversal of Fortune
Conjure Phantasm
Bane Signet (Optional)

Leave all the rest of the slots in your bar empty.
Respec your character so that it has the majority of attribute points alloted to Illusion magic / Protection magic.

Now, before you activate the three stones in order to enter the battle, cast essence bond on yourself, to prevent the chance occurance of you running out of energy. Once the battle has been activated **DO NOT ATTACK** the mirror image. Hit [TAB] to target it and CastConjure Phantasm on it. Proceed to cast Reversal of Fortune on yourself prior to each of the mirrors attacks to keep yourself healed. ...Rinse and Repeat.

I defeated the mirror almost effortlessly useing that strategy, good luck to you, i hope this helped :happy14:

--Rhody Ram

14-05-2005, 04:45
And for Mo/E I can recommend the following setup.

Healing Breeze
Bane Signet
Symbol of Warth
Balthazar's Spirit

Cast Balthazar's Spirit before the Video and Heeling Breeze after and skip the video.
Get in close to him so he doesnt use his bow and it should work out.

I used this setup as lvl 16 to get past him.

14-05-2005, 06:35
For Mo/N bring lots of stupid sacrifice skills. Respec to smiting, and smite away. Let him nearly kill himself by sacrificing, and SMOTE HIM!!

Full Deck
15-05-2005, 21:19
Where do i get those skills?

I have conjure phantism and bane signet. However i do not have the other two skills, and dont know where to get them.

Rhody Ram
15-05-2005, 23:08
Where do i get those skills?

I have conjure phantism and bane signet. However i do not have the other two skills, and dont know where to get them.

Essence Bond i believe is in Beetlerun, and Reversal of Fortune is in Acalon City

15-05-2005, 23:16
You might also take along Healing Breeze, as I've heard the AI doesn't know how to use it.

15-05-2005, 23:16
you dont need essence bond or bane signet.

take scourge healing, balthazar's aura, symbol of wrath and smite hex.

when battle starts charge down and nuke the mirror with balthazar's aura and symbol of wrath together. then you should be almost full hp and he is almost dead, use smite hex when he casts scourge healing on you and he will be dead.

dont bother casting scourge healing on him, its a waste of mana because you dont even have healing spell.

max smiting, nothing else needed.

Becca Bellows
20-05-2005, 18:10
It's actually even much simpler than the original poster's idea, if any part of your build is Mesmer:

1) Re-spec to max Domination (Attribute Points are easy to get)
2) Load Empathy (no other skills/spells needed, although you can put useless garbage on there if you need to)
3) As soon as cut-scene is done, cast Empathy on the mirror
4) Spam "STRAFE LEFT" and "STRAFE RIGHT" alternately, as fast as you can possibly manage, to dodge the mirror's arrows
5) Re-cast Empathy once
6) Repeat #4
7) Laugh, as mirror kills itself
8) Win!

- Becca Bellows, Ascended Mesmer/Monk (finished final mission/game - all with henchmen)
- Bella Bellows, Necromancer
- Brianna Bellows, Monk/Mesmer

Aurora Silvia
20-05-2005, 18:29
no-one likes smiting?

retribution and holy wrath + wand damage = dead mirror

Rhody Ram
21-05-2005, 02:24
Awesome Suggestions from everyone ^.^ i like the way the post has developed.

--Rhody Ram :happy65:

21-05-2005, 03:32
Eh? I just totally tricked my mirror into using useless skills against me.

Mo/N Mirror Killer
1. Zealot's Fire.
2. Remove Hex.
3. Smite Hex.
4. Shadow of Fear.
5. Suffering.

Do not use hexes against the mirror.
Use Zealots Fire and then just remove the hexes he casts on you.

I'm not sure if those were the exact hexes I gave myself - they were hexes that I knew wouldn't affect me much because my damage was coming purely through Zealot's Fire.