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13-05-2005, 21:02
IM a Elementalist/Ranger right now and so far ive been using fire and AoE spells, but there becoming less effective, I want to make the move to an aeromancer, but dont know a whole lot a bout them.

I was considering something like this:
14 Air magic with +2 from items
11 Energy stoarge wiht +1 from item and
8 into Wilderness survival

For skills I havent decided what to use for my air magic i was hoping for suggestions. However i think some good wilderness survival skills would be Serpent's quickness and storm chaser. please give me some ffed back on what i could do with this build.

My in game name is FF Seymour.

14-05-2005, 00:16
dones ne 1 know a decent ELE/RANGER Aero build? if so it would be a great help if u could reply.

14-05-2005, 14:36
aside from the ranger part, does ne body have a successful aeromancer build or strategy. I really need help with this category it would be greatly appreciated to hear anyones ideas. I just need to know what skills are effecticve and which are not for PvP and PvE as well.