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Dark Tyrant
13-05-2005, 22:47
Which Ranger and a secondary class can take down another player the fastest?

-Ranger/Elementalist using fire spells and flame arrows and such
-Ranger/Necro using curses and leeching spells + other bow skills
-Ranger/Mesmer using health degen + other bow skills
-Ranger/Monk using smite prayers + other bow skills

13-05-2005, 23:09
if u want to be close best bet Necro or Mezmer (apply poison + Leach/Phant)
if u want to have range then Ele (kindle arrows + conger flame w/firebow)

thats my take on it

13-05-2005, 23:22
I'm a 8 R/N, I dual speacilize in Marksmanship and Blood Magic. I summon multiple undead and my pet. After the first monster dies it's just a chain reaction till more fall faster. :D

14-05-2005, 00:49
tiger's fury + kindle arrows + the wind spirit thing + hunter's shot/penetrating shot/most other added damage shots = evil ranger (focused on one target this deals damage pretty fast especially if you manage to put on the bleeding with hunter's shot)

You really don't need a second class with ranger unless you have a specific idea in mind, killing power wise a pure ranger using clever trap placement and smart tactics could deal plenty more damage than your standard shock sniper, its all down to tactics.

I use necro as my secondary, mainly to unlock necro skills but it would be my pick for a ranger secondary as it allows you to really incapacitate foes with curses or keep yourself alive while causing more damage using blood magic, i don't recommend death for a necro secondary with ranger primary as the energy costs can cause trouble.

14-05-2005, 01:36
If you want pure damage output, a straight ranger would be the best. Quick shot with a high level Kindle arrows will reduce anyone extremely quickly.

Dark Tyrant
14-05-2005, 04:02
I was under the impression that the Ranger bow skills along with skills from secondary classes would do more damage than just the bow skills.

For instance, I heard Judge's Insight (monk skill) + other Ranger bow skills would do an insane amount of damage.

14-05-2005, 04:25
In my experience, Judge's Insight does nothing.
Ultimately, you'll get the most damage output from going straight ranger. The extra runes you get help a lot, too.

Dark Tyrant
14-05-2005, 05:06
Alrighty, thanks people!

14-05-2005, 05:34
I am experimenting with R/N with marks/wilderness/curses. There are some pretty good necro spells like weaken armor, price of failure, etc. I am only level 5 atm but I tried it out a little in the PvP thing and it seemed to be a good build. You could also change from curses to blood for some life draining spells which would help live a bit longer.

Stephen Hawking
14-05-2005, 07:16
Judge's insight seems to be bugged, or the armor penetration just isn't noticeable for the ranger.

I personally like conjure <insert element here> spells, if only earth had some +damage you could have wards as well as arrow nukes.

But in the end I feel the ranger is best served as a caster killer/disabler, I mean we fire at 2 secs per shot basically (very slow compared to warriors) and the +damage prep skills are mostly long casting before we get the benefits.

I personally like my rgr/elem, mainly because I feel you get enough -regen from poison, and really need a straight up nuke usually. (besides, trying to recast kindle arrows or ignite, etc, during combat on top of apply poison is kinda annoying, where as conjure <whatever> is easily done outside of combat and lasts awhile).

Sir Sweepaway
14-05-2005, 08:56
I personally like my rgr/elem, mainly because I feel you get enough -regen from poison, and really need a straight up nuke usually. (besides, trying to recast kindle arrows or ignite, etc, during combat on top of apply poison is kinda annoying, where as conjure <whatever> is easily done outside of combat and lasts awhile).

I am also a r/ele and so far (level 7) I can use explosive arrows + fire storm and simply OWN mobs. I was with another r/n questing and he was dieing from being hit by mobs even though he was draining life. I shot some explosive arrows and did a fire storm and they were all dead within 5 seconds :happy34: I think I shall stick with my ele because I agree the poison is enough at least for a single target. I got tired of single targeting on my w/n haha.

14-05-2005, 09:23
firestorm is GRATE agenst mobs but thats just about it unless u place ALOT in fire magic b cas as soon as it starts comeing down evrey 1 scaters like bugs so u only get 2-3 ticks of DMG out of it for a WOPING (for a ranger) 15 energy
i my self (also a R/E) prefer the air line "Whirlwind" bining my favorit of the air spells its my "O crap thares a WAR beating on me" spell knocks them on thare duff wile giving me enof time and room 2 run till thay pick another targit works grate with "Storm Chaser" wich gives u the same speed bost as a WARs "Sprint" but last longer (wich most wars at this point will go for a slower targit) o and Storm Chaser gives u energy wen u take elamental damige so its good agenst casters aswell it has saved my *** ALOT another grate spell from the Air line is "Enervating Charge" wich Weakness a target(droping thare damige by 66%) and duse good damige but u need to invest alot of poits in air magic to have the weakned afect last long enof 2 realy count but with 6 points in air it gives u enof time 2 get a "Troll Unguent" off and ither run or recast and fight

my ranger build is allmost all ranger but i use "Whirlwind" not for damige but 2 get Wars off me if u have dune some PVP as a ranger u know that if a WAR gets on ur he is guna b hard 2 shake and evion harder 2 beat if s/he is wacking on ya

"Apply poison" + chain casting "Penetrating Attack" with enof Expertise points
can b used nonstop with enof energy rezerv for a fast getaway or a trap and a troll

Stephen Hawking
14-05-2005, 11:18
I personally like air as well a lot, you can get some pretty good utility out of some of the spells, and things like lightning javelin can interrupt others. Short of being a mesmer (which has to give up those tasty conjure spells) this is usually the best bet in terms of being able to interrupt skills.

One thing I've been pondering is if mantra of concentration works with traps tho. A trap ranger actually deals a mondo amount of damage I feel, though its of course tougher to use in pvp, hence the need for the mantra or whatever skill.