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13-05-2005, 23:25
I just got the game, only a few days ago, and I just hit level 8. My professions of choice have been:


I chose this combination, for the simple fact that I could drain life and energy... and I also tend to play casters in MMORPGs.

In PvP, so far the best build I have done is going pure hexs. Opening with soul barbs, and unloading spells such as faintheartedness, life siphon, backfire, empathy, etc.... and works GREAT in the arena.

However... its not so good in PvE... and lack of healing (ie blood magic) is also a pain.

Life siphon and blood renewal are really important to me... and I as of know I keep my blood magic up high enough to get +2 hp regen from life siphon (as opposed to 1)... and get somewhere around 80hp from renewal.

I also find that points into death magic (summons) help in PvE a ton too, but also, bite the big one for pvp.. unless people start dieing, then you've already won anyway... OR they res faster than you can summon (happended to me a few times >.<)

I guess I'm looking for a decent build for N/M.

Right now my favorite is death+blood, and a pinch of soul reaping (i have 3 or 4 points in it now) for Pve/missions..

And mass curses for PvP.

I guess every time I want to pvp I have to burn through my skill roll back points, and have enough left over to roll back to blood/death.

heres my most important question:

How are necromancers endgame, Pve, and Pvp?

14-05-2005, 06:15
Blood or Curses are the most effective for PvP

Blood or Death are the most effective for PvE

get my drift?