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14-05-2005, 04:06
I've been searching around Kryta and similar places for awhile now and managed to collect several runes. A couple of them I think are worth some gold (which I need to buy a Sigil :sad44: )

I'm not sure of the worth of a couple of them though. These are the ones I found, and if I could get some sort of rough price check, I'd appreciate it.

Necromancer's Rune of Major Curses
Mesmer's Rune of Major Illusion Magic
Monks Rune of Minor Protection Prayers
Necromancer's Rune of Minor Curses
Rune of Minor Vigor
Mesmer's Rune of Minor Illusion Magic
Mesmer's Rune of Minor Faster Casting

I had a Rune of Superior Vigor, and after tossing it into my armor, learned it was worth over 10k gold. :mad02:

16-05-2005, 20:09
It all depends on what people are willing to pay for 'em... minor runes usually sell for about 350-500 or so... Major runes you can usually by from people for about 2k-3k... superior runes are worth ALOT beacause they are quite powerful...depends on the demand for em :happy34: