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14-05-2005, 07:36
First of all i am an El/Mo

Ok, today I wasted 2 more hours trying to do the thunderhead mission. I must have tried this mission more than 10 times so far... almost everytime the warriors in the group rush to next groups within seconds of killing the previous group. I mean seriously, do you think we regenerate 70 energy in less than 5 seconds or something? And ok , forget the elementalist, think of the poor monk trying to keep you alive. I am not anrgy at warriors in general. I am angry at some noobs that think there will always be a healer with infinite energy keeping them alive.

my guildmates are still pretty far from thunderhead to help and I really dont wanna drag some friends to help when I know they are busy with HoH etc.
Why is it so hard to get ppl with brains on random groups ? :(

the moral conclusion: NEVER expect to get a good random group for a hard mission :(

This is not a whine post. Its a plea to all warriors. Please remember some ppl back there need to regenerate once in a while.

14-05-2005, 07:56
You make a good point. We warriors tend to charge in and do things fast. It's a personality thing. Also, many warriors are likely playing warrior as their first profession in GW. I have been spell casters quite a bit (including one incredibly awesome ele/mo if I do say so myself =P), but I still have a tendency to forget about mana regen for the casters occasionally.

Try these three steps:

1. Mention to each group you are with to please take it slow as to allow for energy regen.

2. If victory in a battle is assured, just sit back and attack with your wand/staff and let the energy start regenerating for the next battle. (I did this alot - works well)

3. Be sure, if you are grouping with many warriors, to avoid any items that give you a negative to energy regen

14-05-2005, 09:15
1. Do all warrios listen ? no , do you have to leave group because they are not ? maybe yes , I still think it is lame to leave group like that :(
2. Obviously I am over-using my wand and also trying to squeeze every single bit out of Ether Renewal
3. thats a good advice :D

ok , happenned earlier today. someone dies during a battle. after battle ends "Rukia: I am using Rebirth on XXX" , 2 seconds after the dead guy was up 2 warriors was already fighting. ok , bye bye leaving group :(

15-05-2005, 01:49
for the ones that ignore how people aren't ready to fight (as in the example you just posted), there is no hope but to announce the problem and, if they refuse to comply, leave the group.

for the ones who are simply unaware of your lack of energy, before they approach a group, you can control+click on your energy bar and it will announce how much energy you have, and make sure that they understand what this means.

Im Bogus
15-05-2005, 07:01
im a warrior monk.... and i know what u sufering....

i hate to be what everyone else is (paladin...) but i hate to depend on some noobies to do the work.

i thing u migh help ursel changing a bit ur build to be more agresive and less healing. Still.... im VERY noob (pre-seer) but i know how the games works and i know that smart people will be very important later so i hope everyone reads this threat.

if u can find any necro with blood ritual and 1-2 warriors u get a GOOD team.... no matter how noob they are, just cast blood ritual as many times as posible and cure him to get +10 energy regen !

Scott the Green
15-05-2005, 23:44
I'll admit to being guilty of doing this sometimes. When a battle's going well you want to try to keep pushing, and oftentimes we (or at least, I) want to mop up the rest of the nearby mobs and forget that the casters and healers don't run off adrenaline.

If my healer says to wait, I'll always pull back and wait for his signal, hopefully before the next mob has been aggroed. However, if I'm playing the smiting game and I need time for my energy to regen, nobody ever waits for me.

One possible reason why your warriors always run ahead is because they've got all their adrenal skills fully charged, and if they wait for your energy to refill, they'll lose their adrenaline. A lot of skills take a good deal of it, and it can be annoying to have to build it up from scratch.

16-05-2005, 08:08
if your not able to get there fast enough try to follow them by clicking on them and pushing spacebar or asking someone to target call for u :D

Ps.All Your Base Are Belong To Us :winking47

16-05-2005, 09:22
I think a problem with warriors is that they skills are based alot around adrenline which requires them to move fast. I am in the AC area and using sever artery and gash, so I need to keep hitting stuff fast or lose the ability to sever anything in my path.

Also when I play it is far easier to C and Spacebar, then to manually find a target and plot a path, so unless it looks like suicide to do so, I just keep group hopping to clear an area out.

I do try to stay near the group and wait for them unless they take too long, like when people go AFK and not tell anyone.

16-05-2005, 10:21
We warriors tend to charge in and do things fast.

off topic, but i couldn't miss this...

remember folks, charging in and doing things fast can lead to some compromising situations in both real life and in game. ya gotta take it slow and gently, hold and caress.

16-05-2005, 13:38
Remembers me of a group I played with. We had 2 nukers, a ranger and a warrior. The first mobs we saw didn't give a problem, but then me and the other nuker were out of energy. I said that and we and the ranger waited. However, the warrior said nothing and charged the next group. We moved in fast and managed to save him with our last energy. After blaming us for being slow he just attacked the next group. This time he got trapped and was killed, since we didn't have the energy to save him.
Moral of the story, warriors have nice armor and can stay alive long, but in the end they can get killed, just like all others.

Dragon Flame
16-05-2005, 23:06
I know what you're talking about. some warriors are like that (and some casters too, btw ive seen an ele charge blindly ahead of the group and attract the next mob), but a lot of us do have room in our heads to strategize. you ran into a pretty bad group with that example there, it happens.