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Drunken Moose
14-05-2005, 07:48
I need some help picking a build out for myself. I've been toying around with the premade templates to try to get an idea of what I'd like to do for my RP character, but nothing seems to help.

Here's the thing, I kinda like being a support class.. but the only problem I really had with the healer types with the templates I tried was that I'd just end up getting raped by warriors and anything else really quick. I dont know if its just me doing something wrong or the builds.

So, I was wondering what a good combo would be and maybe why. It wouldnt even have to be a Monk in any regards. As long as its kinda supporting I will probably like it.

Torm Shadowbane
14-05-2005, 11:29
Here is one I wouldn't mind trying out:

Necromancer/Ranger... can call this build the Dark Woodsman (or Woodswoman).

12 Wilderness
12 Curses
3 Soul Reaping

(You could also fiddle around with those numbers, but I like to just focus on one or two powerful areas of a character, and this character has the ability to be GREATLY deversive so...)

Apply Poison
Parasitic Bond
Choking Gas
Shadow of Fear
Storm Chaser
Dryder's Defenses
Troll Unguent

Goal? Make your enemies curse the day they overlooked you. I've found that a lot of random arena groups tend to ignore necros and focus more on elementalists and monks as their prime targets. That's all fine and dandy... and while they do that they'll be dying.

Your weakness is the ability for much of your abilities to be removed, but for the time they last they will be painful. Apply Poison will allow you to poison your foes from a distance, then Suffering will add to that health degeneration, while Parasitic Bond will be there to heal you when it ends but also to deal a little extra damage. You have the advantage of having both a condition and a hex health degeneration on a foe, which means the enemy (usually an enemy monk) will have to spend the time casting at least two spells to get rid of them. That is time he is not spending healing, and it is something that you can use to great effect because you can change targets and let your conditions effect them as well. If the Monk doesn't purge them they run the high risk of dying rather quickly. You will drive the enemy insane while they focus on other "more important" targets.

Choking Gas will be an annoyance to them, preventing them from casting spells while, Shadow of Fear will drive Melee's crazy. Dryder's Defenses, Storm Chaser, Troll Unguent will allow you to escape quickly and heal rapidly.

Your main goal is to stay back and cause as much damage as possible, drive the enemy insane by causing them to focus on several problems at once. At the beginning of a fight use Apply Poison and Choking Gas right before you begin to attack. Hit the groups main target then switch to another target -- casters would be ideal -- and hit them, then switch to the next target of priority until the ability to cause both conditions wear off. Shadow of Fear the Melees when they close in on their main target, then switch back to your groups main target and hit them with the hexes, and repeat. Use Dryder's Defenses, Storm Chaser, and Troll Unguent when needed.

Do your best to stay unnoticed and look unimportant.

You can switch out one of the hexes for another skill that you might find more useful. I am not sure how pets work, but you might take out one of the hexes and place in charm animal for a pet. Think of him as an additional DoT.

I don't know how well this build may play out. I've never tried it, but it is something different I would gather and looks to be fun and interesting. If you try it out let me know what you think and how it goes.

I also haven't tried it out or had it happen, but I've heard that if you exploit a corpse it becomes unresible. (Such as creating a minion from it.) This might be worth checking out as well. If this works then it might be interesting to exploit a corpse to create a Well of Suffering -- another way to inflict damage over time while taking away your enemies ability to resurrect one of your foes.

14-05-2005, 12:09
I understand what you are going through... Choosing the build that is right for you can be a very hard task. If you want to play a support role, there are plenty of great builds for you.

You have 2 good choices here... You also get style points for using probably the least common combination there is.

1. You can play as a healer with the warrior stances will give you skills to increase blocking, evading, max hp to increase survivability when a warrior comes knocking on your door. Being a warrior secondary won't really hinder you since most monk primary healers don't care what their second proffession is.

2. My favorite build, the "templar". Mo/W with all the protection enchantments, swordsmanship (or axe mastery), and a little smiting. In my opinion, this is a strong build in PvE since most monsters can't remove your enchanments. PvP-wise, I find this a really advanced build too play since you must maintain your enchantments against a team thats bound to have ways to remove them and not to mention you get the giant "hes a monk kill him first" target on your back.

Great for support since you can dish out huge healing with the elementalist energy storage ability.

1. Could be used as a primary healer when your team needs a healer, but it could also be used as an effective nuker. Fire for area of effect, Air for single target nuking, or Water for slows, a little damage (no one uses water lol). Any of the elements as a backup for when your team is no longer in need of an extra support healer will make a big difference as a support role. This is a fun build for PvE as well because like monks, elementalist can still do very well without relying on their secondary proffession as much as other proffessions do. Which means you could be a full on "Pyromancer" and just rain fire on your enemies.

Arguably the most flexible build in all of GW.

1. With this build, you and your teammates no longer have to fear those pesky warriors. Most Me/N are designed to DoT (damage over time) and drain the mana from warriors to prevent them from healing while the DoT slowly kills them off. If they want to chase you around, cast a slowing spell on them and stay out of melee range for as long as it takes for them to die. Another good thing about this combo is that it really keeps the other teams healer busy.

2. Few skills and stat allocations and you can shut-down casters if you wanted instead of warriors. With skills like backfire and all the interrupts from the domination magic tree, combined with the energy sapping you get with inspiration, the casters will be useless to the other team. A skilled mesmer is the best GW build since it has so many ways to play.

3. When you are in the mood for PvE with this build, I found it fun using the necromancers death magic too summon minions and lay down some great AoE (area of effect) damage while using inspiration magic to steal the mana you need was all I needed. I wouldn't use this for PvP considering corpses are too few in PvP battles. This particular build is better with Necromancer/Mesmer but Necro primary really constricts your options as a PvP player. What is more important to you, gaining energy when someone dies or faster casting?

Ranger/Mesmer (or Mesmer/Ranger)
The Ultimate Anti-caster

1. I don't know if this qualifies as support, but it can easiliy take a single character on the opposing out from the battle with the arsenal of the ranger and mesmers interrupts. A smart player that could use this build too its full potential is probably one of the strongest forces in Guild Wars. It is fairly flexible if you want to experiment with new ways of playing, but no-where near as flexible as the Me/N. If you choose a R/Me you have to stick to killing casters to be fully effective on the field.

Hope this helps you out, there are plenty of support roles but these are my favorites that I have tried so far. It might take a while to find the character you are most comfortable with since there are so many things to try. You should also check out the proffession guides on this site cause it really helps big time.

Drunken Moose
14-05-2005, 17:15
Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to start tinkering around with some of these suggestions =)

But with that N/R build, dont bows require marksmanship?

Torm Shadowbane
14-05-2005, 17:56
Gah. Yeah. Sorry, never dabbled with a Ranger but your right. You could just yank enough points out of Curses and put them into Marksmanship once you get a nice high damage longbow (because I think longbows have the longest range... right?). Leveling this character would be somewhat difficult and would likely start out rather odd.

I think I'm going to try it out. I'll start him out being a Minion Master at lower levels for PvE and once he builds up his Ranger skills and has all the skills I need unlocked I'll yank the points I need/want and redistribute them where I want them.

...mostly because being a minion master sounds fun and I have yet to group with one.

Torm Shadowbane
14-05-2005, 19:29
Here is a similar build with the similar idea. Probably more helpful to the group. Either Ranger/Mesmer or Mesmer/Ranger. If you go Ranger/Mesmer you will most likely have to take at least 6 or so in Expertise because of the high energy demands.

The basic idea is to have a long range attacker with health degenerating spells that can be debilitating, and using two different types of health degeneration -- condition and hex.

My "theory build" Mesmer/Ranger:
10 Illusion
10 Marksmanship
10 Wilderness Survival
5 Fast Casting (left over points)

Apply Poison
Phantom Pain
Conjure Phantasm
Illusion of Haste / Storm Chaser (Illusion of Haste allows you to move faster and while Crippled, but Storm Chaser allows you to move faster longer)
Troll Unguent

The two "---" skill slots are skills that can be used to fit the situation. If/when you get the elite skill Illusionary Weapon that might be a good idea to put in there. Before that you have a lot of skills to choose from. A marksmanship skill, a Wilderness Survival Skill, an Illusion Skill... it all depends on what your job will be within the group and what you will be primarily fighting.

Pin Down (Marksmanship)
Healing Spring (Wilderness Survival)
Kindle/Ignite Arrows (Wilderness Survival)
Choking Gas (Wilderness Survival)
Barbed or other type of Trap (Wilderness Survival)
Sympathetic Visage (Illusion)
Arcane Conundrum (Illusion)
Epidemic (Mesmer/None)

I'd most likely go with Choking Gas and Illusionary Weapon if I had it, otherwise I'd probably take Epidemic.