View Full Version : Water Magic...Good?

14-05-2005, 19:14
Is water magic good? All i have been really seeing is fire magic and air magic for PvP but what about water? pros cons?

14-05-2005, 19:56
Fire Magic: AoE
Water Magic: slowing hexes
Air Magic: armor penetration (Warrior's bane)
Earth: AoE damage and buffs (ward against xxxx)

15-05-2005, 03:13
Basically, Water has a lot of slows and pays for this in overall slightly decreased damage. Due to slows being better when an enemy is fleeing, Water magic is a little more successful in PvP than in PvE from what I've gathered.

I don't know any other con than the slightly lower damage output, but I haven't played much with water spells so I'm no expert.

15-05-2005, 22:46
Well, like most games, water magic isn't used to deal damage, it's more of a crowd control sort of thing. BUT, there are some decent water attacks that do good combos with fire magic and necro skills. I can't remember the exact attacks name, but say you cast meteor shower,which pretty much pulverizes your enemies(depending on skill lvl of course). Then this ice attack I'm thinking of, attacks all nearby enemies, dealing decent dmg, and slowing them down a bit too. So, while pulverizing them, you make them get up slower, attack slower, and you're doing a ton of damage. Now, cast phoenix, and do even more damage and most likely killing at least one of those monsters, and then you use a Necros Corpse Explosion(to be exact, it's purtid explosion but the word corpse has a better sound to it). With that kind of combo, you deal tons of damage, and take little yourself, because of how water magic slows enemies down.

This, in a way, is a possible combo for a melee elementalist, because you have to be up close and personal to do it, so don't go in with weak armor.

That's my ideas on water magic, it's mainly for support, not punches.

16-05-2005, 03:37
I've been playing a hydromancer, and from firsthand experience, it is great in PvP and horrid in PvE. Mainly because of the mobility difference. In PvE, the monsters just fight till they die..my hexes only help an ally escape. However, in PvP, i slow their advance, prevent them from retreating, let my allies retreat, or, and possibly most fun, string along a series of warriors, all slowed, and run circles around them with armor of mist.

16-05-2005, 09:35
Without water trident, there isn't a spammable attack skill. This can make things rough in some places and is a pretty big downside i think. If you do find it, you then cannot use any other elite skills, which, too, is a bit of a negative.

16-05-2005, 14:45
Water magic its very good (maybe the best) for primary warrior.

Blurred Vision its a great defensive skill (14/15 seconds of blindness for all enemies in the area you hit).

Ice Prison = nobody will run from you anymore.

Armor of Mist = up to +34(?) armor and +33% moving speed.

Conjure frost = insane melee damage (you have to find a sword/hammer/axe that do frost damage).

Ice Spear = decent damage when you are blinded or your target uses a skill that prevent you to do melee damage, very low energy cost (5) and great recharge time (1).

I always take these spells, healing signet and a couple of skill for the weap. (a knock down skill + belly smash if I use hammer or severy artery + final trust if I use sword). You dont need any other melee skill becouse conjure frost will provide a great damage output. The gladiator set will give you enough energy pool.

This is what I played in the beta and I loved it, its the best balanced offensive tank IMHO... and this is what im plannig to play now when I'll find a frost weapon (I have a lighting one and a fire one... but Im not lucky in finding what I need ^^).

16-05-2005, 23:23
Hello Maelstrom? The slowing effects of the many Water spells coupled with Water Trident make Maelstrom very very effective versus casters.