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15-05-2005, 00:43
I'd like to verify something.

For those wondering, you can play the PvE game using NOTHING but your ranger skills....AND by yourself.

There are a ton of threads discussing what classes and skills are 'better', 'best', 'all right to play', etc.....and I've never tried to say one way or the other what someone should play as, I try to stay far away from discussions that inevitably end up as excuses to just argue and call each other names. Those aren't 'discussions'.

The only thing I ever suggest to people is to play a game how YOU want to play, and test things out for yourself. Find what fits your style of playing and stick with it if it makes you happy. The whole point of a game is to have fun....not at someone else's expense, mind you, just you having a good time.

I'm not saying 'don't join a guild' either. I am FULLY behind the whole concept of regular guilds, PvP guilds, and this game specifically. At the moment I'm just enjoying playing solo. The game's name is totally appropriate, and for those who want to play against (or with) other players, this is a wonderful set-up.

But to touch somewhat on the topic of 'what class to play', I would like to point out to the new rangers, and the people considering to play as a ranger, etc., that you can successfully play as a ranger at least throughout the PvE game.

Successfully as JUST a ranger.

You don't absolutely NEED secondary class skills to succeed in the game...NOR do you even NEED to play with other human players.

I've played a guildless ranger character now all the way up to the Thunderhead Keep mission (which is pretty far in) at the time I post this, using NOTHING but ranger skills. My secondary necromancer skills have never been used once. That's not to say they're useless, just that I haven't used them....intentionally. I'm concentrating on just ranger skills to get me through the game.

I gather all my own resources, have the 60k armor, very nice weapons, and more runes than I know what to do with. I'm not even rushing things....I'm taking time to enjoy the graphics, the quests, and the strategies involved in completing missions.

I've also only been in just ONE human player group...EVER. That was the mission to get out of pre-searing Ascalon where you HAVE to get randomly assigned a group by the game. EVERY other mission or explorable area I've been to I've either literally soloed or used henchmen. I fully intend to finish the regular storyline missions the same way.

The only place I have not successfully gone solo/henchmen yet are the Temple of Ages missions/areas.....(which aren't necessary to the regular storyline)....and I'm not giving up there yet either, just working on the regular storyline missions for now and I'll try there sometime later. So far that looks like the ONLY place I may have to hook up with others to enjoy....unless they change the rules around and let henchmen inside.


Again, I'm NOT saying any class is better than another...or you shouldn't get in a guild...or that you shouldn't use your secondary class skills to help you play the game. Please, nobody start any arguments here.

I'm just VERIFYING....repeat, VERIFYING...from personal experience...for those that wonder or have wondered, that 'yes' you CAN use nothing but ranger skills, 'yes' you CAN solo/henchmen missions and explorable areas, 'yes' you CAN play the game of GW successfully how YOU want to play, not just how others think you should play.....and have a ton of fun doing so.


(and a big 'thank you' to the ArenaNet folks for making the game so versatile)

15-05-2005, 06:31
:happy14: good post brother :happy14:

GW can b played with only 1 class all the way throw with evrey class the 2ndarey is just dizined to make it more versatile yes a 2nd class or sub class is requierd to get out of the noob land (pre-cering) but thats so u dont leave with out geting a 2nd job and cry latter about ur gimped char i cood go on but u all get it

15-05-2005, 10:37
I've just started playing GW (and its my first MMO :P) and I managed all the missions in pre-searing ascalon alone, except for the'Adventure with an Ally' one (obv :P) and the grawl killing one for Devona, where I took a warrior as back up.

Just got to post-searing and I've managed a couple of missions by my self, but when I run into a group of lvl4 grawls I generally end up splatted even with henchies. >.< It also seems to be almost impossible to get a decent party together. :/

So, bascially, any tips for a newbie, wouldbe-solo ranger? :D

15-05-2005, 15:16
I'm playing a Ra/Me

I'm mainly concentrated on Marksmanship. I got my expertise slightly up to reduce energy costs for my skills and Wilderness Survival to make Troll Ungeunt more effective.

I got the 2 skills, Conjure Phantasm and Ether Feast now, i keep changing my Mesmer skills.

i didnt realize the henchman untill further in the game. But i find it hard to play a ranger solo. U're not a real tank and its not that easy to heal yourself up when being ganged.

i like it that i can take my henchman places, coz all i need is someone to heal me, and someone to take the blows for me :p

15-05-2005, 15:49
Rangers can solo very easily with the right skills. If you have whirling defense, storm chaser and or Lightning reflexes up, you can go a good 40 seconds without even taking damage, then throw up regen and repeat.

15-05-2005, 15:54
Rangers can solo very easily with the right skills. If you have whirling defense, storm chaser and or Lightning reflexes up, you can go a good 40 seconds without even taking damage, then throw up regen and repeat.

Hmmm, think I need to skill up my Ranger a bit more then. Only got the skills from pre-searing ascalon atm.
Any hints on which quests to do to get more? :confused: