View Full Version : Spirits in PvP & PvE abilities hit team & Foes?

15-05-2005, 17:30
Just wounted a clarification on how Spirits work in battle. Do they effect all mobs within its radius or just Allies/Foes?


Frozen Soil
Description: Create a level 1-8 Spirit. For creatures within its range, dead creatures cannot be resurrected. This Spirit dies after 30-78 seconds.
Energy Cost: 5
Activation Time: 5 Seconds.
Recharge Time: 30 Seconds.
Linked Attribute Wilderness Survival. Increases Spirit's level and duration.
Skill Type: Nature Ritual.


Would this disallow the use of even my Party to Rezz its comrades or just the Foes we face?

Reason I ask is because I was out and ran across a Elemental that had one out last night. Seemed to be a benrfical Aoe that showed in my effects bar.

Just seems to me the beneficial ones should only affect allies & detrimental ones only effect foes, correct?

If they effect both Friend & foe.... erggg. Why even use Spirits?

Please Correct me if I'm wrong.

15-05-2005, 19:38
Spirits affect everyone/thing within their radius, that includes foes/allies. Whether beneficial or not :thumbsup: