View Full Version : Great Mid game R/N Build =D

15-05-2005, 23:49
Just wanted to put this out there.I first made a Ranger/Warrior when istarted the ame,and found myself only using the Ranger Skills.For that reason i re rolled him and this time went the Ranger/Necro Route.

this is working out a lot better.A LOT less dying lol

Here is a great build for a Mid lvl ranger some of you may want to try,i enjoy it a lot

I distribute all my points in to Marksmanship/expertise/Blood magic/with maybe a few here and there in to wilderness survival.

the skill bar is set up this way

1) Hunters Shot (Ranged Damage) Causes Bleeding as well

2) ignite arrows or (Burning Arrows) not sure of the name. (Combine with Duel Shot for Great AOE damage Ranged.)

3) Duel Shot (See Above)

4) Blood Renewal (Deals damage to me,But gives me better Regen than Troll Urgent and a huge lump of Healing when it ends)

5) Vampiric Gaze (Ranged Damage and Healing spell)

6) Vampiric Touch (Healing and damage spell Close combat only) better than using point blank shot,wich dosen't heal.

7) Charm animal (only on PVE ) (Troll Urgent PVP)

8) Either Res Signet (when with party or PVP) (Troll Urgent or Comfort Animal when soloing)

All the Necro Skills I use Are Blood Magic.I don't use any of the other Necro skills so i wont delute my skills too much.

Hope some of you Enjoy this,Thanx see you in Game ,Guile Backlash Leader of Chaotic Vision =)