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Taxus Baccata
16-05-2005, 11:01
I am a Wa/Ra with a Pet. I focus on Melee combat, I took Ranger secondary becuase I thought it would be useful to have a pet. I don't have any attributes in Marksmenship, Wilderness Survival or Beast Mastery.

My problem is that my Pets main use seems to be as a mobile roadblock. I attack something, Pet comes with me,we kill it, so far so good. Then I hit c and spacebar, to target closest and auto attack. The problem is Fido is in the way and I just stop unable to reach the target. I have to manually sidestep the pet then when the path to target is clear I can attack them.

Are Pets designed primarily to work with Rangers operating with bows at range and so this problem does not exist for them ? As such I am considering dropping the Ranger secondary and switching to the ever popular Wa/Ne.

Am I doing something wrong ?

16-05-2005, 11:48
I'm a R/E
Well, I never had problems with my pet in combat, although out of combat...Sometimes I'm stuck in my pet, when standing on a ridge, very annoying when you're in a party. Most of the time it only takes a minute to get out of your pet again, still quite annoying.

16-05-2005, 15:49
it doesn't seem like your doing anything wrong, the reason you have problems switching targets is because Anet got lazy or something and the pathing is a bit odd. also pets are hard to be really good unless you put alot of points into Beastmastery (improving Dmg & Critical hits) so he can be more effective

16-05-2005, 17:06
Pets can be a royal pain in the proverbial even for rangers.

Once I was blocked in a gateway by my pet while on a mission with 5 other players. They spent 5 mins luring an enemy back to my position so my pet would attack it and I could escape. :o

16-05-2005, 17:29
I am a ranger and people find Brown Butt (my pet bear) as a major roadblock especially for Warriors. I was on a mission yesterday and they often pick on my bear, warriors would say things like, MOVE THE F BEAR! or... I HATE THIS BEAR! ... or... LEAVE HIM DEAD! I never replied back because I find it offensive but what I did was to look for a poisoned water swamp nearby and euthanize my pet. It was a really sad process but I had to do it.

On the other note, most people find rangers really weak. They said they do not put much on the table. I have to disagree. Rangers can be really deadly. Cocky warriors... be gone.

P.S. - I found a way on how to work around this... when someone is calling target. Attack something else and have your pet attack it. Then move on to the targetted enemy, your pet wont follow but he'll continue to tank the first enemy. works well.

17-05-2005, 00:25
I don't know why people would put down the Ranger, their combos with other races are just as outstanding if used properly.

I'm still working on my first character W/R19 and I am not even 50% done unlocking all the skills, and haven't captured any elite skills yet either, nor have a made a firm decision where I want my full attribute points to go to, but I can tell you a W/R is going to be a great Guild War fighter. Right now, my W/R can use adrenaline to do Defensive shouts, use Ranger skills to boost HP of not just pets but all team mates in the area, I can set traps, my pet can make enemies bleed and then use a warrior attack to exploit this. Its pretty wild so far.

On the other note, most people find rangers really weak. They said they do not put much on the table. I have to disagree. Rangers can be really deadly. Cocky warriors... be gone.

17-05-2005, 01:51
According to this article (http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/guild-wars/560040p1.html) on GameSpy:

I found a pure Ranger to be a really difficult class to pull off, if I wasn't in with the tightest of teams. Your defenses are weak (even if you try to offset them with skills like Bow Parry), so you don't want to get caught by a fighter.

There are a couple of answers to this. The first is to simply combine the Ranger and Warrior professions -- it's a formidable combination, one that will be able to pelt enemies from afar but still close the deal when the fighting gets personal. Another answer is to concentrate on ways to slow the enemy down: Pinning them down, having fighters engage and Hamstring them, etc. And the third answer, of course, is to have a really tight team who understands that you're dead if anyone comes toe-to-toe with you, a team who can screen you from opponents.

A single pet can be a great asset in battle, particularly if it distracts an opponent long enough that your whole team can gang up on his friends. Teaming up a pet with the Call of Disruption skill is a great way for your team to remove your opponent's spellcasting abilities. But from my play the most useful thing I've discovered with pets is how amazing they are when there are multiple rangers on a team bringing in multiple pets. If you have an eight player team but bring in four lynxes, you've got 12 players total -- a 3-2 advantage over your opponents! Sometimes they'll just get overwhelmed. Consider THAT for a team strategy!

Although some maps (particularly if you have a base to defend) favor rangers, I found them to be a difficult class overall unless combined with the Warrior profession.

I read this before installing the game and decided, yep, I wanna be a Ranger. :happy14: