View Full Version : Which 3 Combo is Better ( N/ ME )

16-05-2005, 20:45
Which Combo has a faster kill rate? i have tried it in game, but jsut cant figure it out. I am gonna go N/me.

I dont know if i should go Curse, Blood, and Inspiration.
or if I should go Blood, Illusion, inspiration.

Faintheartedness, Life Siphon, Vamp Glaze/Touch


Life Siphon, Conjure Phantasm, Vamp Glaze/Touch

I have been trying to test which one has a faster kill rate but can't figure it out, if anyone has any suggestions.

I know the conjure phantasm drains super fast, and faintheartedness drains more over a period of time, and for more but it doesn't seem to drain as fast as conjure phantasm.

any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance

16-05-2005, 21:23
im going with blood magic (12+2 major rune), soul reaping, and inspiration magic.

with this i can leech life from enemies, corpses... i can also strip enchantments and gain life from that. i can shatter hexes on friendlies and do a little damage.

this has been more successful for me than using curses, domination, illusion.

using death magic (12+1,2,3) will give you some good bone minions and you can steal life from corpses.

16-05-2005, 21:45
I can't really say too much about Faintheartedness, as I've never had a lot of points in Curses. If you're looking for damage, Conjure Phantasm is excellent. If you don't have another way to slow the melee beating of you though (of which there are several options in Illusion Magic), the added slow from Faintheartedness helps.

With my Me/N I like to use Life Siphon on the off-targets and focus fire Conjure Phantasm and Vampiric Gaze on the called target. Life Siphon isn't a huge killer, but with quick recast, if you can get it on several enemies that won't be dying first, you can establish a decent amount of regen for a period of time.

18-05-2005, 16:58
I have my Necro/Me useing Rotten Flesh/Suffering as my main attack. These both effect groups at a time and will start a heath degen of <<<<<<(6) I think. I thought I read somewhere that 8 health degen is max, so if you use a Life Siphon next you just maxed out your main target, and all his cohorts are at 6. I then follow up with a Chaos Strom to do like 80 damage over 10 seconds and drain their energy.

Seems to be working out real well so far. What's cool too is if you want you can throw in Soul Barbs as the first spell cast so that your primary target takes damage from each health degen curse you cast on it.

P.S. Of course this doesn't work as well on things without flesh.

22-05-2005, 22:10
I have a N/Me and i use mostly death and inspiration summons can be good