View Full Version : Whats a good El/Mo build with dedication to healing

17-05-2005, 03:40
There seems to be a lack of healers, so i've decided to go main healer to help my friends out and such. I've been a El/N since the beginning and just changed my sub to Monk. I have 0 monk skills right now and i'm wondering which ones i should use. I was a Geomancer so i have most of the Earth spells already so i'm looking to be on the protection side. What Monk skills do you think i should get?

18-05-2005, 04:33
As an Elemental/Monk, you are really gimped on healing as u do not have divine favor, which is why you should make a powerful build based on the concept of energy storage and spells that aren't divine favor related.

Some spells to work with would be Healing Breeze, Infuse Health, Aegis, Healing Seed, Life Bond, the smite line.

Below are two strong combos that I've thought of but have never tested:
1. Ether Renewal + Divine Boon: divine boon at attribute level 1 will heal 25 energy and lose 2 energy per cast. Ether Renewal for 10 seconds will give u 4 energy and like 17-18 health per enchantment on you. I'm thinking if u got 3 enchantments on u, u will net +5 energy per cast, i think u can cast about 8-10 times from the global cooldown timer of the cooldownless divine boon spell within the 10 seconds of ether renewal. Ether Renewal truly shines when u get superior energy rune, so u can get +5 energy per enchantment instead.
Anyway, it's just a combo to recharge your mana and do something else with your mana. Plus it might be a pretty strong self heal givin if u do aura of restoration + divine boon = 2 enchantments, and can easily add something else to get more enchantments.
2. Ether Prodigy + Protective Bond: u can stop focus fire with this, and it brings out the most of protective bond because a primary monk with 45 energy can get protective bond to -2 energy per prevention while an elemental monk can have 90 energy and be at -3 energy per prevention, therefore i believe elementalist/monk got the edge in this setup. Ether Renewal + Divine Boon + Protective Bond may work also, but i am not sure.

These are simply some ideas for the viability of an ele/monk healer.

Slayer Of God (aka Elly The Antitype, Slayer Of All)