View Full Version : Fire is good... what is a good alternative?

17-05-2005, 03:44
Hi... so im a mesmer and i have the fast cast thingie, what are ur guy's comment about this.... 10 fast cast, 10 earth, and the rest to fire? sounds like a good idea?


17-05-2005, 04:00
I like Earth a great deal. Eruption alone is an awesome spell for disabling a close knit group of enemies, blind opponents miss a great deal. Ward Against Melee also does a good job of preventing hordes of enemies from beating you and your group to death (at least quickly). Too bad most people don't seem to know what that circle is for once you cast the spell...

Earthquake is also nice, it does decent damage. Stoning also does a great deal of damage. And then there's the armour piercing Obsidian Flame. Aftershock only affects the area around you (I could have sworn it was a targeted area spell like Earthquake at some point during the beta), but as enemies will typically group around you anyways you could try putting it in along with Earthquake for bonus damage. Aftershock does more damage to people who are knocked down.

I would suggest air as an alternative, because it seems to do very consistant damage even against armoured opponents. The majority of the good spells for Air seem to have exhaustion though, and the rest recharge too slowly for my liking, but I can't deny it's effectiveness for damage.