View Full Version : just bought a sword, question about upgrade

17-05-2005, 04:37
hey everyone, i just bought this sword:

Crippling Long Sword
15-22 Damage
+15% Damage while enchanted
Lengthens Cripple duration

What should i upgrade it with? Now, i dont know anything about upgrading, but could i add a zealous sword hilt and a sword pommel of fortitude? Would that make it a zealous long sword of fortitude? Would that get rid of the cripple effect (dont really care about it)? How much of an impact does making the damage air, fire, earth, etc do? Would it be a 5-10 point in damage increase? or would it only be a few points, because if so then i'd prolly just wanna put something else on

what would you guys suggest? thanks

17-05-2005, 05:56
I've noticed that if you find an upgrade it usually replaces the thing on your weapon regarding it's name. For example a "sword pommel of fortitude" would replace the "of warding" on a sword. Likewise, the zealous hilt would replace the crippling effect of the sword. Just remember if it has "item of modifier", it goes on the end of the weapon's name. If it's "modifier item" it goes on the front of the weapon's name.