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17-05-2005, 06:56
Hey all, I wanted to try and make a Earth based Elementalist with a little bit of support from Mesmer.

Crystal Wave: Foes near you are struck for 10-82 damage, but are cured of any negative conditions. This spell ignores armor and magic resistance

Eruption: Cause an eruption at target foe's location. For 5 seconds, foes near this location are struck for 5-28 earth damage each second. When Eruption ends, foes in the area of effect are blinded

Obsidian Flame: Deal 22-94 damage to target foe. This spell ignores armor. This spell causes exhaustion

Ward Against Mele: You create a ward against melee at your current location. For 8-18 seconds, allies in this area have a 50% chance to evade melee attacks

Aura of Restoration: For 60 seconds, you are healed for 152%-350% of the energy cost each time you cast a spell

Conjure Phantasm: For 2-12 seconds, target foe experiences health degeneration of 5

Crippling Anguish: For 8-18 seconds, target moves 50% slower and suffers health degeneration of 1-3. This is an elite skill

Stoning: Stoning strikes for 20-76 earth damage if it hits. If Stoning hits a foe suffering from weakness, that foe is knocked down.

What do you think? I like the Illusion to supplement damage and the Obsidian Flame and Stoning for damage. Should I use a mana drain? will mana be a problem?

17-05-2005, 07:37
Mana will most definantly be a problem, eventually. There's a few high cost spells there (Eruption being the most obvious at 25 energy). I would suggest simply Energy Tap/Drain, or Mantra of Recall (though Energy Tap would probably work out better). Or if you plan on being mobbed to use Crystal Wave, use Channeling as well. You'll definantly want Armour of Earth in there though to survive, as good as Ward Against Melee is it won't save you against archers or spells (while AoE will, for the most part).

19-05-2005, 17:12
Ok, what speels would you suggest I drop? I will definatley add Armor of Earth and lose Ward Against Mele, And Energy Tap instead of Conjure Phantasm and Obsidian Flesh instead of Crippling Anguish. On a side note, how does Kinetic Armor stand up against Armor of Earth? Less max armor gain, but renewable if you cast every 8 seconds.