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Satatik Jirobou
17-05-2005, 18:33
You guys are probably wanting to get a bear? Well I'm here to give you a walkthrough for somone who is level 16 and lower (with 1 person help) On how to get this bear at lonars path.

After I tried numerous times to beat it even with a party of level 18 people it was hopeless. We got pummelled.

I turned on my thinking light after all of my team mates left in thier failure. I knew it was possible. I wouldn't give up. So me and my guild friend we VOWED no matter how long it took we would do this BY OURSELVES.... A level 16 R/W and a level 11 R/W.....

Was it possible? I never asked myself that question, ever. I thought and thought, because WHY would the devs place somthing like this blantantly close to a very large reward? It was to early in the game to fight monsters like this, it went against the flow of the game. Plus the terrain was realy odd. It looked almost as if the developers WANTED us to sneak by.... They wanted us to think.

I wanted to test my theory... so far correct. I concluded in my mind 3 things, the frost imps, and pinesouls are the weakest and easy to kill even at 60 dp, but imps are most damaging. I also noted that they have a strange patroll pattern, they seemed to linger instead of follow a defined path unlike the others, making them unavoidable and trapping us.

The higher level un defeatable monsters that could utterly demolish us were entirely avoidable and thier patroll paths were very clearly defined. So I came up with my third theory that was to play Guild Wars....Splinter Cell style, don't kill unless its absolutley needed.

And here our guild The Guild of Rangers is telling you how 2 of our members got bears. It wasnt easy, we were at 60dp for the entire time, and we were at it for 4 hours.

************************************************** ********
*************************GUIDE******************** ********

MAP= http://img282.echo.cx/my.php?image=guide0dv.png

Grab a friend and some henchmen, YES henchmen, I'd do it without them but I cant kill 1 imp per death without them. Its just easier to sneak around. Avoid all Avicaras, Ice golems, and frost wurms, they will down you instantly. On my horrible map, you can see all the locations of the enemies. When you enter lonars go to the ressurect portal, as you can see the avoidable avicara somtimes partoll up to the right of the entrance, dont just come out and attack the imps and pine souls. The ice golems also somtimes come up there, but once they do they leave so just wait, and they usualy dont come back up that way. You may never see them the entire mission actualy, but keep an eye open. Go and kill the imps and pinesouls, killing the imps first, then the pinesouls for they are the weakest.

Further forward stay to the right the entire time and kill some imps up ahead and stick to the right side of the cliff if you need to hide. Watch further up though because SOMTIMES the ice golems run down that way.

Never kill imps to the left of the road its pointless. By now you might have 60dp, with this we found it possible to kill 1 imp by focus fire per death. Move forwar sticking to the right. Once you get near K3 stop and wait. To the left there are some pinesouls and imps, leave them unless they REALY get in your way, Trust me I'm sure they will but don't do it till your sure.At K3 there are about 5 imps patrolling in a triangle pattern ending near the entrance of the valley. If there are any imps there besides them wait for the patrollers to leave and kill them, then kill the patrollers. Stay at the mouth of the valley, see if you can see the bear. If not oh well, Move up and kill the pine souls and imps, it will ill help. Now the hard part, there are 4 frost wurms here, they are located at the left and right hills of the valley and at the end so STICK to the road and dont stand still. get to the end and the bear is usualy here, if not its further ahead behind some avicara..... Avoide them, and wait.... and wait untill it wanders down. This may take a while so be patcient. You could suicide run to get him attracted to you. But do NOT charm him up there the avicara will kill it. Once its down the wurms are probably alread a problem. Get your friend to go into the valley first staying to the left with a health regen spell and maybe dodge. You follow behind him by about 90ft and to the right near the road. Make sure he distracts all the wurms and charm the bear!!! HURRY if they knock you down it stops the charm, this is the hardest part. It may also kill it.

This is the only way to get the bear, if its up by the avicara thats bad.... I've had it WANDER down to halfway through the valley before !!!!! so keep hoping!

This guide was written by satatik Jirobou of TGR. I give no rights to copy this without permission or post on other sites without my permission. My e-mail is cratermaker@charter.net if you need any help.

17-05-2005, 20:02
getting my bear took maybe 10mins... I joined a group of lvl20 warriors about to do a grind at lonar's path. We got wiped out once. We ended up on a place with so many big worms. Around the hill, I saw one black bear that is green.. just my luck. While my warriors were busy tanking the worms, I didnt waste any time and grabbed that opportunity to charm one. Believe me... while I'm looking at the progress bar while charming one... my heartbeat was pouding like 90 miles/hour.

17-05-2005, 23:35
anyone wanna post a pre-asc bear guide? :D :D :D

Satatik Jirobou
18-05-2005, 00:06
Im pretty sure they patched it so you cant even attempt to charm them.

18-05-2005, 01:38

I just ran like the dickens.

My first attempt would have been successful but my henchmen killed the bear. Never got over that one :happy53:

It took a few wipeout after that, but I just hung aright and ran my but off. Henchmen took the aggro I looked for a bear.

Satatik Jirobou
18-05-2005, 01:49
Your kidding right? Your dinky henchmen survived that far without dying, THEN aggroing.......bull

18-05-2005, 01:56
Your kidding right? Your dinky henchmen survived that far without dying, THEN aggroing.......bull

Far? The bear could not have been more than a 100 feet from the entrance.

There were two of them infact.

Keep in mind bear spawn sites are random. I ran about 100 feet the first time, cast charm and watched my henchem kill him before I finished.

Every attempt after that I ran about a 100 feet or so and looked for the bear. If I did not see it, I would run further and usually get owned by those god awful worms. I never ever saw the worms, but they got me every time.

Each time I failed, I zoned and repeated. 3 times I found a bear with in 100 feet but it was too close to the monsters and I got toasted.

I my final attempt I found one far enough away from the monsters and I charmed it. Then a patrol came by and wiped us both out, all the henchmen had long since been killed. But by then, the bear was mine.

18-05-2005, 04:46
a pre-ascalon bear IS possible still. I got one 2 days ago. However, they made "break charm" even more spammable and it is tricky to get the bear. You're gunna need 2 people, 1 preferrably a warrior, the other a ranger of course! the warrior has to get the bear to chase him and you need to sit back and start calibrating the distance you can cast charm. once u get the jist of how far away you can cast it, have the warrior run the bear just to the outskirts of your cast radius, and begin casting. I know sometimes the bear will come back, but luckoly for me one time he didnt. He was like 50 miles away, and a couple of seconds later, voila! Grizzlyadams was born.

18-05-2005, 19:36
can't get the stupid bear in pre-... they don't even go after the warrior, the bear just goes after the ranger (me) the whole time... pointless.

18-05-2005, 20:47
got a bear at lornar's pass last night. currently level 7, he actually wasn't too far out as desmodas says. main problem was just getting close enough to charm him without getting killed

20-05-2005, 05:24
got a bear at lornar's pass last night. currently level 7, he actually wasn't too far out as desmodas says. main problem was just getting close enough to charm him without getting killed

Well, that charm takes forever.