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17-05-2005, 22:10
Hi, I am new to gw forums. Just started gw about a week ago. I've got a E/Mo that soloed up till yaks bend and the moment i stepped out of town, I got smeared on the floor. Is it not possible to solo from this point of time w/o henchmen or friends?

After seeing some farming videos, i got inspired and decided to make a smiting W/Mo. All was well till I got till post searing. I take forever to kill a charr and once I get mobbed by more than 3 at a time, my mending cannot keep up with the damage. I wanna get bonetti's defense and balthazar spirit. But those skills are all the way over at lions arch from what I see. Any recommended builds to see me all the way there to get the skills? I'll redist to smiting after I get those. Thanks in advance ^^

18-05-2005, 12:38
No suggestions? I redist my points into swordmanship and got till yaks bend. I noticed that completing a mission puts you at a new area. Issit advisable to rush all the way to lions arch and get better skills first before coming back to complete the quests?

18-05-2005, 13:01
That is entirely up to you. I prefer to quest and EA (explorable area) everywhere. I solo it or go with my friend who's keeping good pace. We're both up to ventari's now and we've only gone together. We've got the missions to do still so that'll be a nice boost in exp for getting my level 20 skill points.
Some people like to rush to the end using the missions so that they can get to the end and then begin unlocking others prefer to quest/ea up then do the missions, its all down to a matter of preference on how yo uwish to play the game.

18-05-2005, 16:33
I find that whenever I get hammered like you explain, I go elsewhere for a bit, then try a new approach to the area I was defeated in. Perhaps a different combo of spells, henchmen etc. It is funny sometimes when it goes badly and you figure it will take everything to get past an area, I make a couple of changes in strategy and I breeze through it.

IMO this is one of the things that makes this game different from standard RPG fare - you have to really think and plan out at times - Remember everyone is playing with the same limitations of spells and forces.

I am soloing and currently are doing quests in the Yaks Bend area - no real problem so far. (E/R)


18-05-2005, 19:21
hmm... thanks, today i managed to get my ___ all the way up till lions arch and got my bonetti's defense and balthazar's spirit. I could swear I was doing single and 10+ dmg to those charrs before but now when I went back, I was hitting for 30+ and my gash hits for 50... a few points in attribute really matter a lot, and the level difference.

I wasn't really unhappy with getting hammered or so, just bored with doing nothing except hack hack sever gash hack hack sever gash. Now that I got my en problems solved (until those pesky shatter enchants mage comes in) I can use skills more often. Just waiting for that balthazar aura now ^_^

22-07-2005, 21:04
Another thought for later is that you could also get zealots fire and spam RoF or some other healing spell to do damage while your adrenaline builds up from balthazars spirit. Then you use high adrenaline attack skills. Even without the attack skills, my monk/necro (all monk skills) can solo hydras and sand drakes in the desert.

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