View Full Version : Getting bear in Lornar Pass just yourself.

18-05-2005, 01:56
Today, I tried getting a bear in Lornar Pass with just myself and it worked. You don't need any friend, just grab 5 henchman. when you enter the pass, you will see a few high lvl mob wondering around here u need to go. Kill them one by one with focus fire, this is about the only fight you need to fight it out.

The rest of the part is kind of tricky. You don't need to fight anyone, but you have to be smart about avoiding them. Start out by sticking to the right side, and keep on moving until you see groups of ice imp around you. Don't keep on going because then you either have to fight those imps and even if you get around them, the frost wurms will kill you. Instead wait until the right moment and when the center is clear and go up there. The space will be tight, but as long as you keep the red dots out of your LOS circle. Keep on going until you see more imps loosely wondering around on the left side, this is the part when your need to send in your henchman to distract. Try to have henchman engage first, it is easy to do with a bow, just hit attack and then cancel so you stop attack but your henchman will run in. At this point, run like hell to the left side and it won't take long until you see a bear on the left side. Keep your LOS circle clear of red dots and charm the bear, if you time it right you will enough time to charm it at last.

There is another bear on the right side further down just before groups of Avicara, but imo it is definitely not worth it, there is a high chance that frostwurms around there will kill you, your henchmen and the bear within 2 secs.

Remember if you die, just wait for rez and try again, eventually you will get it, took me around 10 mins and about 4 tries.

Lucille Drako
18-05-2005, 11:32
I took the bear past the frost wurm on the right - just left my henchies to distract it and ran on alone. To be honest, I never saw any bears on the left hand side.

Didn't take more that two attempts either - v. easy in lornars pass.

18-05-2005, 16:12
I just got one yesterday, and yes, once you figure everything out it is relatively simple... But in the end it will probably be a suicide run in that you hope to get the bear and then can count on dieing.

Thos frost wurms are just terrible!

Lady Deathraven
18-05-2005, 16:22
I helped a friend get a bear last night. What we did to avoid the Wurms was basically feed ourselves to them. First we cleared out the left side of the map (there were a few Pinesouls and Ice Imps, no big deal, even the henchmen could handle them). Then we triggered all four (yes, four) of the Frost Wurms to appear. Despite the fact that they could rape us brutally, we just left them over to the opposite side of the pass and let them kill us. They stayed there indefinitely.

Dr No
18-05-2005, 17:24
Are bears the "best" pet? Or is it the fun of the challenge getting there, and the bear the reward?

Just wondering as I'm thinking of departing with my stalker.

18-05-2005, 18:35
I also got my bear today, in a party that was heading to the south...

We killed some imps in the center and I found my first bear there, but my party members killed it, although I said to do not so...

Someone needed to change his skills :rolleyes: and we went back to Beacon's Perch.

So we did it again, and while my party was trying to fight Frost Worms, I charmed the bear at the left side...

18-05-2005, 19:21
Where is this Lornar Pass you speak of? :happy05:

18-05-2005, 20:47
Why a bear?

I have a lvl 13 Cat, and was wondering if a bear is better.