View Full Version : standard R/Me PVP build?

18-05-2005, 04:30
I'm currently a R/Me, and having just hit level 20, I wanted to try out some PVP.

I, however, am having some trouble.
I find that conjure phantasm and most of my other "attack" skills, I use in PVE are not as effective.

I've also heard that R/Me's make very good anit-casters. I was wondering if someone would be willing to share a good build?

18-05-2005, 07:13
Anti Caster build...hmm

Look at all the Mesmer skills, and half of them are anti caster, Power Spike, mind wrack, spirit shackles, etc. For rangers, disrupting lunge for pets, and distracting shot. Another good one is choking gas...with these spells, you can make a caster very very miserable

19-05-2005, 17:50
Ranger skills are better anti caster than the mez skills. mez is good for taking out warriors. You can do both with the right setup.