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18-05-2005, 05:34
this is a build that would use fragilty and conditions applied by traps to do dmg

8 illusion

12 wilderness

10 expertise


barbed trap

flame trap

dust trap

oath shot or determined shot

pin down

apply poison

energy tap ??

Basically the way this build would work would be to place a bunch of traps, cast fragilty and when the opponent runs over the trap they get conditions and take damage from fragilty. i added pin down and apply poison to add extra conditions and oath shot to recharge all of my skills. i dont know if this build would run into energy problems so i might use energy tap for my last skill

this is just an idea for a build and would appreciate any critism over it. please respond and give advice or tell me if this just wont work.

18-05-2005, 11:41
I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I kinda wonder about how effective it would be in the long run.

I'm sure it would work when you manage to get it off, but overall it may be a bit too inconsistent to be worth doing.

I'm also a Ranger/Mesmer, and starting to regret it..There simply aren't enough points to stretch that far..and as far as I've seen for PvE or PvP, your bow is probably still your best bet, and you'll probably need at least 8 - 12 marksmanship skill to wield endgame bows.

Maybe having 0 beast mastery and putting all of those points into illusion..

Also, even at 10 expertise, the ranger energy pool is most likely going to be too small to allow pulling off complex combos like this. I'm not sure if having massive expertise bonuses on your gear will make it much more feasible either.

I'd say its worth trying and it might be a lot of fun, but you probably need to be level 20 with good gear, and you'll most likely not want to throw your bow away when you try it ;)

You know, lol, maybe you should make a PvP Mesmer/Ranger and try this instead.

18-05-2005, 12:27
Ok...tosave myself what i jsut done (i typed out a massive post with two possible builds in there for you but the coputer decided to overheat and restart before i hit submit :hanky: ) basically...
It'll work but your going to want peopel to come to you or whereever you have trapped. So make sure to trap bottle neck areas and important items like priests etc in pvp. I've played a pure trapper since the first beta's and i can honestly say trap+bow is not my thing however it can work. In your build i'd scrap pin down and replace it with a mantra that stops you getting interrupted for when your placing those traps (mantra of concentration or mantra of resolve) Or a dodge *whirling defense works best here). Also personnally i dont think oath shot would be the best option for skill recharge. You will run out of mana to quickly if you lay traps none stop by using oath shot.
Energy tap helps alot especially if you switch oath shot for energy drain. That gives you a nice boost in mana in a relativley short time. I'd suggest you tweak your build to be abit more like this:

Expertise 9 (+1 from minor rune)
Wilderness 10 (+1 from mask +1 from rune)
Illusion 9
Inspiration 8

Barbed trap
Flame trap
Dust trap
Energy tap
energy drain
mantra of resolve/whirling defense
Apply poison

Now this does make you a pure trapper which i know you weren't aiming for but this build does work well (not briliantly since thetraps were nerfed but it works well). The trick is to trap the area (or run into an area that is beign fought over and you wont be noticed) Fragilty a target, mantra yourself (if its dodge you'll have to time this for when someone is soon to hit you personnally i'd go mantra) and lay them at the enemy's feet. You can then proceed to drain/tap casters to get your mana back up while your skills recharge.
Whilewaiting for the right oppurtunity you can switch to bow + apply poison (i recommend you use a mana wand/focus at all times when laying traps or are abotu to, you'll need it).

Alternativley you could try a bow fragility build. The trick to these is to have High fragility damage but extremely low condition durations. This means you can repeatedly hit the target for fragility damage while dealing some extra conditions such as poison and burning.

18-05-2005, 15:43
I didnt think ym ranger trough good enough either, right now i'm not using any skills from my mesmer side. I'm hoping next epxansion there will be more Mesmer skills and hopefully one that i could combine properly with Marksman/Expert

18-05-2005, 15:58
I'm also a Ranger/Mesmer, and while I like it so far, I'm still vastly more effective in your average PvE setting by keeping mostly with ranger bow skills and maybe Chaos Storm for some AoE. In PvP, however, the Mesmer can really bring the pain. The only problem is I find it hard to decide on what I need to bring.

18-05-2005, 17:39
ok thanks for all your imput but if it would help, let me explain a little futher. the bow was never important in this build. its just to apply conditions when i cant get them to run over traps. the damage of the bow doesnt matter because it would just apply conditions. that said maybe i could scrap those skills in favor of more skills to support my energy and skill recovery. thanks to all who replied.