View Full Version : self healing

18-05-2005, 05:38
im a lv 11 w/mo trying to focus on health regen and being a damage sink; so far i've used:

live vicariously + mending
healing breeze + mending
frenzy + live vicariously
just healing breeze, for more energy

all of these work pve, but I feel I could be doing better in pvp.

I like mending, but is it worth it, or should I stick with healing breeze? is live vicariously any good? are constant enchantments good?

Glenn Guapo
18-05-2005, 19:02
Since your lvl 11 your obviously still doing pve. Healing breeze is great for keeping your life up but your healers should really be the ones doing the big heals. If i were a warrior monk i would look into some protection prayers. Hard to say what spells you have at this point but later in the game aegis, protective spirit, healing seed etc are all good spells for keeping people alive.