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18-05-2005, 16:28
okay. this sergio guy in lion's arch hates me. the guides here all state he sells all manner of spells that i cant get my hands on, short of using signet of capture and lots of luck and patience.

i am 20 now, and have done villany of galrath, and he wont sell me ANYTHING! he wont sell me my secondary profession skills or a signet of capture even. when i click on the skills option, the window is completely empty.

what do i need to do to get him to sell me skills? kick him in the crotch isnt an option, but im getting very frustrated with my lack of good heals. i burn through energy like a shopaholic burns through a credit card at macy's trying to keep up and i havent ascended yet or gotten to elona's so i cant even get elite skills.

my only cheap self heal is orison (and thats too little) signet of devotion (which i love) and healing breeze (too slow). i guess i could spam heal area, but usually people arent close together enough - or stand next to a healing seed anchor - assuming i get it on the right person and it isnt dispelled - or heal group, which is a huge energy hogging peice of trash imo. i often am the target of the aggro when i go protection monk, which leaves me with the only options of sheilding hands on self, aegis, vigorous spirit, then the one that only lets me take 10% of my hp in damage and try to melee the damage away. at the 20th level game, that just dont cut it, so i have had to switch to pure healer, which imo isnt as fun. =(

from the skill list it really looks like im missing out, and im sick to death of avoiding pickups because people yell at me if they die because i am out of energy all the time even though i have healing at 11, divine favor at 12 and protection at 12 and 44 energy! help!

Glenn Guapo
18-05-2005, 17:16
All the healing spells in this game are well balanced. Each one is supperior in the right circumstance. While you call heal group of piece of trash if 3 or more people are at 60% life it quickly becomes far more power efficent then using 3+ orisons of healing. I personaly use healing breeze, heal other, signet heal(devotion?), and heal group as well as healing hands for my elite.

The reason his spell list is empty is probable because you have every skill allready that he sells. If you have so few healing spells i recommend you either find a map or ask around because there are many side towns throughout the game that sell skills that would be easy to miss if you just did missions and didnt explore.

Good luck

18-05-2005, 20:32
no.. i havent bought any of the necro spells, and the list of available spells that he has are ones I do not have. he will sell to my alt, but not to me.

18-05-2005, 21:05
Any chance you already have ALL the skills he is able to sell? Just a thought ...

19-05-2005, 03:14
thats the only explanation i can think of.

first few towns in the game i went to, i was all excited about new spells. turns out, since i like to do almost all of the quests, each town had maybe two spells to sell me because i had all of the other ones

but i THINK he said that he DIDNT HAVE SKILLS on the spell list (i assume the one from gwonline.net?)

that list is sort of outdated. skill vendors dont sell as much now. skills are more available in quests. they had them at vendors during the betas because, well, betas are short.