View Full Version : decent end game sword or no? excuse my noobness

19-05-2005, 00:21
hey, i've recently acquired this sword;

Barbed Long Sword of Fortitude
Slashing Dmg: 15-22 (req. 9 swordsmanship)
Damage +15%(while enchanted)
Lengthens Bleeding Duration on Foe
Health +21

for what I call a fairly good price, my question is, is this considered a good, or at least decent, "end-game (as in, pretty good in pvp)" sword? Do you think it would be worth it to slap a lightning/icy hilt on it (takes away the bleeding) or should I hold out for a much "better" sword for my "final" pvp sword?

I'm just a man looking for closure =x

thanks in advance

ps; does the color of the sword have any effect on its damage output? such as precious, uncommon, rare?

19-05-2005, 16:02
That sounds like a nice sword to me. I'd be happy with it.

With Balthazar's Spirit you would always get the extra damage and that would aid in gaining adrenaline quicker, which would help the bonus to Bleeding it offers.

And +21 Health is always a good thing.

If you don't mind saying, how much did you pay for it? And if you do mind posting here, how about a PM?

And lastly, if you don't like it...i'll buy it from you. :happy53:

Torm Shadowbane
19-05-2005, 17:56
A very nice sword. I'd use it. I agree with the poster above. Not only would I use it, I'd customize it to my character for the extra damage. (I always customize my weapons.)

Dragon Flame
19-05-2005, 22:21
VERY nice sword! max damage, and some nice effects. if i was using it i'd have to switch the barbed hilt with a fiery hilt to use conjure flame, but yea, very nice sword, the +health bonus is very usefull.

20-05-2005, 07:57
Very nice, but still keep a lookout for swords that have same damage, but a +1 Swordmanship, and also sexier swords too :)

20-05-2005, 17:39
i had almost the exact same sword except it was +15% damage while health was over 50%. Unfortunetly I customised it to my W/Mo (my 2nd character) who I decided to scrap later on....

Elenariel Ithil
20-05-2005, 19:07
I would switch in a shocking hilt for conjure, since it has plus dmg when enchanted, also, im not sure, but i think you get armor penetration with lightning sword dmg... can anyone confirm this? for the pommel, i would get either a longer enchantment (so you never have to go without that 15% more dmg), or get a near perfect +30 health.

Boo Radley
21-05-2005, 09:25
Ok, so how would you guys rate this sword?

Shocking Forked Sword of Swordsmanship
15-22 Lightning Damage
Damage +14% (while in a stance)
Swordsmanship +1 (17% chance while using skills)