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Blood Haven
19-05-2005, 01:19
Hey, I have a lvl 16 N/W that i currently am building for GVG battles. I had my points in Swordsmanship, Blood magic, and Soul reaping. Ive come to realize that Soul reaping is useless in PVP, so I was thinking about putting my extra points into Curses. Is this a good idea? If so what Curses skills should I get? and how much points should I put in Curses?


19-05-2005, 08:51
Mark of Pain is a nice curse to use. since you dont have strength attrib, weaken armor could be effective too...but i dont like its cooldown. weakness is nice, weakening blood is you feel like you can sacrifice a bit of life. maybe faintheartedness to slow down targets attack speed, spam it on wars so you catch up to them on pure damage.

There are a lot of curses out there that are nice. Id read through the list of them because i know i cant remember what they all do.

Miss Schizo
20-05-2005, 17:50
I actually put my points into str since that directly affects the dmg you do with your weapon and you can get some really nice str based shields, unless of course you are using the focus item offhand for more energy.

Im Bogus
21-05-2005, 01:16
first... hes necro primary... that means no strengh

second... i dont see the use of a sword in the GvG type of game... necros are not there to punish anyone. Whit ur low armor ull get killed befor anyone can help.

Blood and curses are amazin in PvP but u migh wanna focus on a diferent class to work as a suport for ur guild not a tank. Be elementalist if u like to do dmg.

my opinion... drop the sword... concider tactics from the warrior... some are really good ( like bonettis defense or Gladiator's Defense )