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19-05-2005, 05:42
i just made a mesmer for myself because they look utterly cool and have some really great spells. now i cant particularly decide on a secondary class. i am tossed between a me/el or me/mo. i was thinking if i was with the elem i would use air magic and be a total pest to warriors. i was also i could be a buffing machine and combine mesmer with monk. any suggestions and how to build one would be cool. thanks!

mysticangelkin (e/mo 11)
stay chylde (me1)

19-05-2005, 06:18
I made a Me/E as my first character. I'm only level 16 but I've learned a thing or two on my journey.

If you're going to do mostly mesmer sills, then I'd grab Monk for nothing more than the fast cast res. You don't have to spend any attribute points for it to work and it'll be extremely helpful in all situations. I actually have every intention of swapping to monk when I can just for that reason.

If you want to throw in some direct damage, however, Elementalist secondary is your best bet. At the beggening I never really used anything elementalist except for Glyph of Lesser Energy which is nice. Once I got Arcane Echo, however, things were blown wide open. It allows me to stack AOEs(fire) or double my energy stealing which is useful when spamming single target spells (lightning).

Personally though I'd much rather just be a pure mesmer that has a fast cast res thrown in.

19-05-2005, 18:35
Don't overlook the Mesmer-Warrior...it's a good solo class pre-searing and if you work it right, very effective in post either with henchmen or with other players.

Empathy, Conjure Phantasm, Ether Feast and Backfire are standard skills for this class, and in the beginning if you get a decent short sword and shield and use frenzy, sever artery, gash and maybe healing signet or another Mesmer skill, you'll be a scary walking ginsu knife.

Nobleman Azure
19-05-2005, 18:56
well lets not assume he overlooked Mes/W

lets focus on what hes tossed in between:

here are possibilities and breakdowns of what you are able to do

-Combine your ability to fast cast with many powerful elementalist skills
-Combine your ability to steal energy and duplicate spells to increase the frequency of casting of elemental skills

-Fastcasting plays a big role in ressurection spells and a little to healing spells
-Again, stealing energy allows you to make your spells be cast more frequent because of low possibility of energy drainage

Mes/E is your best bet currently, I have been experimenting with Mes/Mo seeing if there really is a reason for that combination (because otherwise, Mo/Mes would be better because of divine favor)

Stephen Hawking
20-05-2005, 17:17
There's really no reason to go mes/monk, most protection spells are fairly fast cast, and the heal spells you could use are 5 energy stuff and benefit more from divine favor than fast-cast ( less than 1 second cast time = not as much benefit from fast cast).

Mes/ele is nice, but fast-cast tends to be a later attribute, and you maybe torn trying to maintain enough energy to cast (hence needing inspiration on top of your element and fast-cast skills) as well as not being able to use the bigger nukes from the elem class as well. Its no fun to empty out of energy and wait, which will be what happens fairly often unless you like spamming flare all day.

My personal favorite has been the mes/necro tho, there's quite a few warrior mess up skills, as well as beginning combos like soul barbs + hexes for a little direct damage on a boss or whatever mob. Not to mention, many of the necro skills take a long time to cast and benefit nicely from fastcast.

Lastly, the real big reason to have mes/monk is to be able to raise faster, but if it's that bad off, usually only a rez signet would help just as much.

20-05-2005, 23:40
Now the ability to Res is not the only reason to go with a Monk secondary.

The Monk and Mesmer combined are a great supportive combination and offer the ability to hinder the enemy and aid allies directly.

Alternatively, people overlook the Monk's smiting line which is extremely powerful. I have seen a good smiter take out single targets in no time.

It depends all on whether you want to play more offensive or defensive, as mystic asked.

The thing about many enchantments on the monk side of things mystic, is that the really good ones give 1 energy degen, so to maintain several of them you have to have a great strategy of energy reclamation and gaining, such as constant use of Ether Renewal, or constant stealing and the like.

As for the lightning option, yes that could be an effective use on a Warrior coupled with Mesmer skills that hinder the Warrior or aid your resistance of him.

I'ts really up to you, support or attacking, which is more your style mystic?

Stephen Hawking
21-05-2005, 05:32
If you're only using mesmer as an energy renewal thing, at that point I would just pass on being a mesmer primary though except for the cool tapdance. The synergies are there, but flip flopping is much more desirable unless going a smiting monk or something.

Nobleman Azure
21-05-2005, 07:15
a good reason to go for mesmer is if you are going to focus on its spells more because of teh mask and runes.

another good reason is if you are going to employ at least a few fast casting attributes.

another is if you want to use illusionary weaponry but can't stomach a warrior's lack of Energy

otherwise it would be more effective to have it as a secondary