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Cevilo Documas
19-05-2005, 09:52
I was wondering is there was any sort of poison skill the necro's aquire to go with Life siphen?

19-05-2005, 17:19
You mean DoT(Damage over Time) skills right?

Well for can get life transfer, which is like a more powerful siphon that you cant cast very often at all...i personally think that skill sucks though. But you can use death nova to poison an enemy, which requires an ally to die, its best used with bone horrors or minions. Then once the enemy is poisoned you can use the elite skill.....bah i forget the name now =/ but it gives them disease(same thing as poison, 4 life degen, except it spreads to others by touch) AND weakness...in my mind that is a VERY fast way to kill a monk.

There are also a few curses that do DoT. Faintheartedness can go up to 3, maybe 4 with a superior rune, + curses head scar, and maxed curses...not sure on that. That one slows attacks which weakens the power of warriors and makes interrupt rangers completely useless.

Theres also a DoT spell that lowers your energy regen while it degens the enemies life.

i dont remember any skill other than death nova that causes poison, though there are several that cause disease and/or weakness. And if you want to disable a monks healing necros have several skills which lower the effectivness of healing on target enemy...those are always nice.

19-05-2005, 17:46
A sort of round-about way of poisoning your enemy would be to use Chilblains and then either Plague Touch or Plague Sending. In fact Chilblains + Plague Sending is a great way to hurt several enemies at a time. You do some damage to a bunch of enemies, strip an enchantment off of them, and poison them. Especially great against Monks, because they're usually walking around with a healing enchantment on, thinking they're doing OK, and then suddenly they're losing health instead of gaining it.

I also just noticed that Necrotic Traversal now poisons nearby enemies. I thought it used to heal the Necro. I guess they must've changed it. I hadn't looked at it in a while. That's an interesting change.

19-05-2005, 20:04
Consume Corpse is teleport and heal.
Necrotic Traversal is teleport and poison.

Unfortunately, necromancers don't get a direct poison skill. Your options are Death Nova, which does damage and poisons an area around an ally if it dies with the enchantment on, and Necrotic Traversal, which teleports you to a random corpse and poisons everything in an area around you.

IMO Necrotic Traversal is useless for poisoning things. It seems to have a very small area of effect for the poison, so your target would need to be right on top of the corpse, and even the one second casting time is a bit slow for something that needs to be that precise.

Death Nova is a nice AoE poison skill, with the caveat that something has to die to use it. I imagine that most use this with Animate Bone Thingy and Taste of Death. You summon a dead thing which melees, use Death Nova to turn it into a walking bomb, and use Taste of Death to kill it and heal yourself. It works well, but requires 3 skill slots and is rather involved.

The better bet for direct 'poison' effect would be to use Rotting Flesh as mentioned above, which causes disease instead of poison. Two benefits here - first, disease spreads from one enemy to another; second, it stacks with poison, so if you're out with a ranger you're getting double the degen instead of overwriting each others abilities.

Also remember that health degeneration maxes out at -10, so if you've got Disease (-4), high level Life Siphon (-3 with 12+ blood), and high level Faintheartedness (-3 with high Curses - I think 12+?) on the same target they're dying as fast as they can and poison won't make the process any faster.

19-05-2005, 20:36
Rotting Flesh causes a fleshy target to get diseased and lose health - mine is currently lasts for 20 seconds.

I also use Well of Suffering which requires a corpse and currently runs for 16 seconds and gives foes within its range a health degradiation of -4.

Link this with Death Nova to give 75 damage and 15 seconds of poison to foes within its range, when an ally dies.

As I use Bone Horrors (lvl12) as well, when they die if death nova is cast it comes into operation as they are classed as an ally.

I'm still debating whether to use my lvl8 Bone Minions instead of horrors, as they require 25 energy to cast. But I'll get 2 minions instead of 1 horror.

if interested the current skills i go out with are

Animate Bone Horror (lvl12)
Parasitic Bond - 20 seconds health degen for foe + 90 health
Death Nova - 75 damage + poison over 15 seconds
Well of Suffering - foes within area of health degen of -4 over 16 seconds
Rotting Flesh - flesh foes are diseased for 20 seconds and lose health
Soul Barbs - over 30 seconds gives 25 damage when target casts enhancement or hex
Mark of Pain - deals 30 shadow damage to adjacent foes when target takes phsyical damage
Suffering - target and nearby foes have health degen of -2 over 22 seconds

I don't always use my melee weapon either, as sometimes it is more trouble than its worth, and using just spells seems to work at moment.