View Full Version : A very long wait......for a bear

19-05-2005, 14:01
Since first becoming a Ranger I've came across many pets to suit my playing style. I was at first looking for something fast and could attack quickly while I kept a rapid number of shots on the enemy. At first I had a stalker, quickly got rid of it then got a wolf, then a dune lizard, till finally I just said what the hell I want a bear. Good thing for me my character is at the Iron Mines of Meladune area and was in :surprise: when I saw a bear. The only thing guarding the bear were 5 lv 24ish monsters, THATS IT. These monsters can easily be taken down with a few henchmen, but I requested a lil aid from real people. Turns out I didnt even really need the aid for the bear. While my group was fighting I simply ran past the mob came semi-close the bear and 5 seconds later, BOOM BAM DONE, it was in my possesion. No charm break, no interupt skill at all prevented me from getting it. If you are around this area ( which is pretty darn far in the game) and still WANT a bear just do that.

19-05-2005, 15:07
There are tamable bears in the south shiverpeaks, just north of Camp Ranik, i saw a few up there.