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19-05-2005, 14:58
Anyone want to link me to it?

19-05-2005, 15:00
www.google.com :rolleyes:

Wulfen Arrowtusk
20-05-2005, 04:30

20-05-2005, 05:43
on the subject does anyone know the stats of a shadow bow? its not on the list and was wondering if any of u know anything about it

20-05-2005, 21:01
That chart is not accurate.

20-05-2005, 22:06
No it's not - it's just a guide.

22-05-2005, 13:00
I don't particularly like Shadow bows..

I am presently using a Shadow Bow. (15-28, +20 Health, Fiery bowstring)
Its 2.5s refire rate, 70' Range, 0.65s flight time (my estimation based on gameguru's table of specs).

Arc is fairly flat, but I don't particularly care for the feel of it. It seems like its best as a mid-range weapon.

Also it came with a Vampiric bowstring (-1 Health regen rate, 3 Lifesteal) which basically, totally and utterly sucks. Unless you have a 5 Lifesteal Vampiric bowstring (which will still probably suck) don't even bother with these. The amount of life stolen per hit is pathetic and unnoticeable.

What _is_ noticeable though is the permanent -1 drain on your health, even when you're out of combat, your health with steadily tick downwards. Even if I wasn't using a vampiric string on my primary weapon, I wouldn't bother with these.

That said, my second bow is a 15-28 Longbow with a Poisoner's String, and unfortunately 12% dmg to Undead. I figure I'll keep this for DoTing players and mobs at range and then switch over to a faster more accurate bow for short range.

I'm currently looking for a max dmg Stormbow, Halfmoon or Recurve for my primary weapon.