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19-05-2005, 15:19
Is this a skill or is there a skill with another name that cripples?

19-05-2005, 15:46

Torm Shadowbane
19-05-2005, 15:54
Hamstring - Swordsmanship
Axe Rake - Axe Mastery
Desperation Blow - Tactics (only has a possibility of crippling, though)

Hamstring can only be used with a sword and will cripple the target for 3 to 13 seconds. Costs 10 energy with a 15 second recharge time.

Axe Rake - The target must be suffering from a deep wound, costs no energy, costs adrenaline (unknown how much and unknown how long it lasts).

Desperation Blow - If it hits you do a little extra damage, and the target either starts to bleed, suffers from a deep wound, or becomes crippled. After using the skill (regardless if it hit or not) you get knocked down. Costs 5 energy with a 7 recharge time.