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19-05-2005, 21:14
Hi, I've just gotten the game, but did beta it. My current class is a mesmer/elementalist specializing in fast casting and air magic. I was just wondering, is fast casting really worth it considering the quick casting time of Air spells anyway? Any advice would be appreciated.

19-05-2005, 21:27
My reply may be slightly different from others' on this topic. It is a common conception that using Fast Casting is a waste on spells of 1 second cast time or less. I believe that faster casting can be beneficial whether you're casting one spell or a whole string of them.

What I would suggest is figuring out which skills you'd like to use and see if a certain level of Fast Casting can help you pull off more combinations with them. You can find the effects of Fast Casting here (http://www.gwonline.net/page.php?p=131).

There may be other attributes that could help you more, but that's no reason to ignore the idea of Fast Casting. And I'm a huge fan of at least putting any remaining points into this attribute.

19-05-2005, 21:34
8 points of Fast Cast will reduce your casting times by about 30%. Now that's not an unreasonable amount of points, it leaves you plenty to raise another set of attributes to 10 and 11. Also, the Fast Cast spell would speed up the recharge times of your spells for about 10-12 seconds (not sure exactly how much) which would make your air spells MUCH faster.

Nobleman Azure
19-05-2005, 21:47
its because of the common habit that moves people to always MAX their skills that makes fast casting a misconcieved attribute. Sure spending ALOT of points to get less than 2% of a reduction is crazy but spending tiny amounts to raise it to at least up to 8 is a BIG help.

Employ fast casting, it helps you alot but leave some points for inspiration, you might need to recollect energy after all the exhausting spells an air mage has.

19-05-2005, 22:07
11 Air, 10 Inspiration, 8 Fast Cast. You should have enough to raise another attribute to 6 or 7 as well. My monk has roughly that setup spread over Healing Prayers, Divine Favour, Protection Prayers, and Earth magic (with a bonus attribute item for Healing Prayers for 12).