View Full Version : Bowstrings

20-05-2005, 00:30
Where are bowstrings dropped and what is a good bowstring? Are the vampiric and zealous bowstrings any good? because they have degeneration stats so if you dont attack nything ur hp or mana will go down. Anyone kno ny drops of bowstrings??

20-05-2005, 03:33
Any bowstrings you find in the wild will be on bows already (you'll know you've found one if the little "item unlocked for PvP" thing pops up when you identify a bow). If you use an Expert Salvage kit on a bow with a bow string or grip in it you'll usually get it out (but if the bow comes with both a string and a grip you'll only get one at best.)

Zealous is great for Rangers who actually intend to shoot things; it's especially great with skills that boost overall attack rate like Barrage (since you can hit multiple targets with one shot) and Tiger's Fury. Vampiric, on the other hand, is pretty bad on melee weapons with their fast attack rate, and even worse on bows.