View Full Version : Getting the Most Out of a Monk Secondary.

20-05-2005, 00:55

I figured it'd be best to ask this here, where hopefully some more experienced monk players could chime in.

I currently have the monk as a secondary class on my elementalist. This was mostly taken so I could have unlimited res'es for when I play with friends in PvE. However now I'm wondering if I couldn't get a little more out of the build and what, perhaps, might work well with a few skill points. I think I could possibly get one of the monk attributes up to 8 or so without harming the Elementalist side of things too much. This would mostly be for PvE'ing the later half of the game, since I have little trouble in PvP as a Water/Earth user.

So far Pacifism seems to be about the only useful skill that works well with fewer points. Are there some that I'm overlooking? I tend to play with a Warrior / Mesmer the majority of the time, if that matters. Healing isn't too much of a concern, since we almost always have the healing henchman with us.

Any suggestions are appreciated!