View Full Version : would this R/E build be effective?

20-05-2005, 12:05
Hey, I've not got the game yet but i'm trying to get a good idea of a charachter build before I get started and was wondering if the following would work. Because I really don't know a lot about how the game works or anything yet advice will really help a lot. The basic idea is to attack from ranged always and to use water magic to slow enemies to really keep them at range and armour of mist (or dodge?) to give a speed boost to get out of a tight spot.

I was thinking something like:
Marksmanship 12, Expertise 8, Water Magic 10
- Armour of Mist (to run away >.>)
- Frozen Burst or Deep Freeze
- Ice Prison
- Favourable Winds
- Marksman's Wager (to use together with above for some energy back)
- Power Shot
- Pin Down
- Distracting Shot/Tongue Biter/Savage Shot/Blurred Vision (can't decide)

But there are a lot of variables there. Maybe if i take 4 or 5 off expertise and into wilderness survival and grab troll unguent that would be a good idea?

Then again, is slow a bit pointless? Will my arrows only fly as far as a spell and therefore keeping distance not help that much against a lot of things? How about I use Air magic instead and have Conjure Lightning and Glimmering Mark for widespread Blinding and Windborne Speed. Tho that would mean Marksmans wager has to go, maybe for Troll Unguent.

ah i'm stuck. can anyone help me finish off this build with some warm and friendly advice? :worship:

20-05-2005, 22:29
I take troll ugent. Never know when u will need that boost of healing if your teamates are dead or busy and to help counteract degeneration skills. I would say everyone always needs to carry a healing spell with them of some sort.

21-05-2005, 01:18
To answer a small part of your question, if you take a flat/longbow, your range will be about 1.5 times that of normal spells, so you'll definitely be at an advantage for that reason.

21-05-2005, 15:43
down side is, when u cast a spell of some sort. you first have to move closer before you can start casting. So it sorta takes away the overwhelm of linking skills such as Power Shot and Precision Shot with Conjure Phantasm and other dmg dealing mesmer skills.

On healing enemies or enemies that heal alot such a dmg bomb is something i personally find the easiest way of killing them.