View Full Version : Interesting team build

20-05-2005, 13:22
A couple of days ago I was playing 4v4 arena and landed in a team with just one Monk combo prime or sec (myself Mo/Me) and no Warrior builds to be found just combinations of E/Me/N/R - at first i thought we'd all die horribly and quickly but we won and we kept on winning. :happy14: One of the best winning streaks i've had. Eventually our luck ran out (wish i could remember the team build that got us).

I think we might have surprised the many W/Mo combos that we fought against. Usually there's at least two in every team (last night I played against a team of four random W/Mo's and i was in a team with three of em.. yawn - how many are there out there?!)

All in all it hit home the fact that there's no uber character or team just good players who know how to play their characters well. :happy34: