View Full Version : Quick Armor Question (Dmg Reduction)

Luminaire Flare
20-05-2005, 18:17
Ok, I have a problem. I have the full ascaleon (sp?) set (armor 50 with reduce dmg from attacks). My question is, which is currently better, Armor 50 with reduce dmg from attacks or armor 55?

Another question is, all my armor has reduce dmg from attacks mod, will this stack? I'm thinking if it doesn't, I should have all my armor at 55 and leave one with armor 50 with reduce dmg from attacks.

Thanks for your help!

Luminaire Flare
21-05-2005, 20:31
*Bump* I'd appreciate any help on the reduce dmg from all attacks mod. % and if it stacks.

22-05-2005, 04:06
It all depends on where the monster hits. On armor, the damage reduction will help (AL as well) if the monster hits the piece that has the mod on it. The only way you can spread damage reduction to your entire body is with a Rune of Absorbtion.