View Full Version : looking for quest(s) that give skills

20-05-2005, 22:55
Any skills that a trainer sells your SUPPOSED TO be able to get by a quest. Is this true and if so does anybody know where there's a quest(s) for the skills: enervate charge, immolate, phoenix which are available from the skill trainer in grendich courthouse.


21-05-2005, 01:00
From what I've read, not all skills available by trainer are necessarily available to be quested in a nearby area. I've purchased Fireball and Phoenix, so far, because of this.

There's a thread on locations for quested skills, but it only covers up to Yak's Bend so far: http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=346318

I'll update as I continue to increase my skill list.

21-05-2005, 02:50
Have you tried looking through the quest database at http://quests.gwonline.net/? I will be doing some major updates there tonight but I do not think I have any of those skills listed.