View Full Version : My soon to be build

21-05-2005, 02:23
Hey ive been playing GW for about 3 weeks and have picked it up pretty fast but im having some issues with my choice of profession. I really want a W/Mo and i want to know 1.) what attributes should i put if im makeing a Paladin (W/Mo) 2.) what set of skills (Swords/Axes/Hammers) has the most usefull skills to get through the game. and 3.) is this a good starter choice.

my build will look something like this:

Strength 10
Weapon Mastery:10
Smiting Prayers: 11

Im putting alot to Smiting because of the one enchantment that increases ur dmg. _______ of Honor or somethin like that.

let me know what u guys think =)