View Full Version : Axe or Sword?

21-05-2005, 18:05
what do you guys think?

axe or sword?

sword seems faster, and needs more combos for effective damage.

axe may be slower than the sword, but has more damage and basic attacks.

21-05-2005, 18:16
sword = good cause it has bleeding which always helps to kill foes
even if it's just to counter the foe's hp regen

i'm talking pve here

in pvp
i tend to go axe or hammer
cause so many sword users and bleeding eventhough it can be effective... isn't that much fun and is easely removed by mend ailement

hammer might be slow but combined with whirlwind and other knockdown attacks it's awesome

axe is just good cause it has so many skills you can get early in the game

Hades the Terrible
21-05-2005, 18:22
Well let's take a look at the axe for a second. It has a very broad damage range but does more damage than a sword. A sword has a narrower damage range but deals less max damage than an axe. A sword can cripple and bleed and deep wound. An axe can cripple and cause weakness and deep wound. An axe and sword can attack foes around the user.

So for a final comparison:

- broad damage range but more max damage
- cripples
- deep wounds
- causes weakness
- can attack more than one foe

- has narrower damage range but less max damage
- bleeds
- cripples
- deep wounds
- can attack more than one foe

22-05-2005, 04:19
Axe's are way more adrenaline based than Sword's. So if you want to be a W/Mo that runs a Zealous weapon with Strength of Honor and/or Judge's Insight along with a non-energy renewal elite, you probably want to run Axe's. Also consider that since about 66-75% of Warrior's use swords, so getting a good one is rare and will be extremely costly.

22-05-2005, 11:31
Let's not forget that sword users are stuck to attacking a single target at a time until very late in the game when they can capture Hundred Blades (because for some reason the devs consider it a game breaker. Heaven forbid someone should have an area sword skill at Lion's Arch...). Axes hit a group of monsters almost from the get go.

Besides, axes look cooler, and the majority of them are two handed axes which you always wield one handed (I mean, look at the sephis axe and seriously tell me that's not a two handed axe. I dare you).

Anyways, early on axes don't get much in the way of conditions. The first they get access to is Dismember (deep wound), followed later by Axe Twist (weakness if target suffers a deep wound) a short while after reaching Kryta, and Axe Rake (crippling if target suffers a deep wound) somewhere around the Bloodstone Fen missions. Axes skills also do increased (often greatly increased) damage if they hit targets with deep wounds. You also get the means to break heavily armoured and blocking opponents down (Penetrating Blow and Swift Chop respectively).

Swords start with the ability to inflict bleeding and deep wounds right from the start, with the ability to cripple soon after. But for swords to inflict these ailments, the target needs to be fleshy. That means it's useless against golems and undead, two things found annoyingly often in Ascalon and Kryta (though not both in both areas).

So for status ailments, axes tend to be better overall.

22-05-2005, 17:49
go axe cos there is a lack of axe warriors at the minute i have noticed. most warriors seem to use hammers and then the second choice is swords. i think i have only ever partied once with an axe user and ive done every mission up to and including the gates of kryta. also as already mentioned the axe seems to have the better skills and they seem to do more damage.