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21-05-2005, 19:42
hello im noob on this game i have questions please answer :howdy:
1.where's i can buy armors?(ringmail,gladiator,wywern and anothers)
2.how much they cost?
3.im w/n where's i can buy hammers?
4.where's i can find elite skills?

thanks for help :happy65: :happy65:

21-05-2005, 22:40
1. Armors can be crafted by the armor crafter in every big town if you bring him the materials and gold.
2.The cost differ depending on the level of the armor and can be found here:
3. Hammers can be obtained via quests or just from monster drops.
4.Elite skills have to be captured of bosses who can only be found in the end-game areas.

22-05-2005, 09:49
so i need crafting materials?are where's i can find armors but i dont like crafting

22-05-2005, 13:35
Can't really understand much of your english :p but for the armor In Most of big cities ( after pre-searing) you'll find NPC with [armor] beside their name just go talk to them and look @ the armor and what materials you need and gold.

To have those materials you'll need a Salvage Kit , so you can salvage the materials from items you find.

Hoping this will help you out a bit ;)

22-05-2005, 14:44
where's i can got salvage kit?how to get iron ingots?

Mo Baddass
22-05-2005, 15:05
have you tried actually playing the game to find this stuff out?

22-05-2005, 16:32
Well you can get the Salvage kit from Merchants ( you do know what merchants are aye ?)

You can get iron from Weapons ( swords/axe/(maybe hammer forgot), and from armor that creatures drop( not all of them) Charr armor gives tanned hide squaresi thought. etc , just try it out for yourself , ebtter then asking


*EDIT* If u still have questions about how to craft and what u get for each item : http://www.gwonline.net/page.php?p=115 . for other info just look around/read @ www.gwonline.net

22-05-2005, 17:08
thans very much now i have ten iron ingots :worship:

22-05-2005, 23:53
Its pretty easy man you shouldv'e just played the game

23-05-2005, 00:08
nice to see that people like Gorki still care about helping out some newbies, in fact, it's pretty rude to just say 'play the game' . If someone is seeking this forum for help, then is that what he should get ... i thought this was a helping section, wasn't it?

applause for gorki, the rest can ... u know ;)