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Deth Angel
21-05-2005, 20:02
Still a work in progress, but it has worked well for me so far. There are some good combinations of skills.

Heres a pic : http://img268.echo.cx/my.php?image=untitled4gu.png

Deth Angel lvl 13:

Faintheartedness (drains hp, slows atk)
Parasitic Bond (drains hp, heals myself)
Insidious Parasite (life steal)
Mark of Pain (deal damage to multiple targets)
Suffering (drains hp)

Energy Burn (deals large dmg)
Empathy (enemy atks he loses hp)
Chaos Storm (deals good dmg to groups)

Curses:9 (8 + 1 due to scar pattern)
Domination Magic:8
Soul Reaping:4

Voldox Albatross
24-05-2005, 21:19
I use almost the same exact build, with the inclusion of Death Magic into the mix for minion power in PvE. You may want to include Backfire (enemy receives damage when they cast a spell) in your skill set if you have it... it's been a staple in my build for awhile now, and is quite the detriment to enemy healers.

Deth Angel
24-05-2005, 23:55
yea i forgot about updating this post but heres my "new" N/Me

Deth Angel lvl 15:

Faintheartedness (drains hp, slows atk)
Parasitic Bond (drains hp, heals myself)
Insidious Parasite (life steal)
Suffering (drains hp)

Energy Burn (deals large dmg)
Empathy (enemy atks he loses hp)
Chaos Storm (deals good dmg to groups)
Backfire (deals alot of dmg to casters)

the reason i didnt use backfire before is because i didnt have it :)

25-05-2005, 04:04
Try: using blood, and domination, tends to work better at keeping you alive.

Lets call this build 'Blood echo'. (And yes i made it :o )

1. Vamp gaze.
2. Backfire.
3. Life sipheon. Archane echo can be subed in here.
4. Life transfer.
5. Diversion.
6. Awaken the blood.
7. strip enchantment.
8. rez signet.

With awaken the blood and a superior blood rune 1.vamp gaze will deal around 70 damage.

Backfire is total antimage as in your buold allowing you to attack while they cant basically.

3. Life sipheon, gets health back simply, helps stop other peoples degen health spells really make you suffer. Not really needed to stack with life transfer since you have awaken the blood. So sub in Archane acho... Copy your life transfer and have 2 of them, causing large scale problems for the other team and a huge +health bonus for you.

4. Life transfer. Causes large damage while getting health back.

5. Diversion can really make healers have a bad day. Cast backfire on a healer. Now hit them with life transfer, then as backfires ending cast diversion, they will instantly try to heal since they could'nt before, and then bang that healing spell is gone for a nice handy 45+ secounds. Continuesly burden healers with this spell, or for that matter elementalists, since its recast time is so low.

6. Awaken the blood, this skill is'nt completly needed, but considering with a +3 rune the damage out put you can increase life transfer by it usually is worth having in.

7. Strip enchantment. This a blood necros best friend, making warrior monsk particularily, cry. Cast life transfer on the warrior... then thow out a diversion and strip his healing breeze, his spell when he casts it again wont work for another 45 secounds, advantage you.

8. This can be removed if your beleif in your healers is absolute. Other wise this is a standard in all builds.

Of course this is a suggestion, and there's nothing wrong with your current build it's just that, this build stream lines what you are trying to do. Why weaken an enemies attacks when he cant hurt you? Archane echo... life transfer.. wait for life transfer to end... use your archance echo life transfer.. wait for that to end, and use your real one.(of course do other things while you wait :p) If that persons still alive they deserve to kill you :p

25-05-2005, 10:45
If your going to use curses and a lot of hexes I would suggest using Soul Barbs,

with a high curse score you'll be a major pain in the arse doing that extra damage when you lay a hex down.

I use it, its a healer killer.

Just a thought :happy34:

25-08-2005, 18:34
After an unsuccessful Spinal Shivers build, I decided to try a PvE build like this one. It is Curse, Domination, Death, and Soul Reap.

1) Rotting Flesh (always fun)
2) Insidious Parasite (quit hitting yourself)
3) Empathy (quit hitting yourself)
4) Enfeebling blood / enfeeble (weakness works well with 2 and 3)
5) Parasitic Bond / Soul feast (need to be able to self heal)
6) Putrid Explosion (always fun)
7) Chaos Storm (very useful)
8) Backfire (quit hitting yourself)