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22-05-2005, 05:12
Hi, this is my first time posting and i wanted to know if N/W who uses a sword gets better with more skills. I created a pvp char today and i was doing fine except for that i died ALOT and i was using my skills fine but i was just wondering if i would get bettter with more than 2 necro skills or if its the class or me?

Ty Much

22-05-2005, 06:14
What two necro skills are you using?

You have to realise that necros are not warriors, they cant tank as much damage and will die much easier. The reason people pick N/W instead of W/N is because they want the extra energy and energy regen to allow them to cast alot, with only two necro skills I am guess you do not cast alot, and probably are spamming vampiric gaze and touch in an unneccessary and wasteful fashion. Those skills can keep you alive for a few extra seconds but wont do you much good if you are being attacked by mulitple warriors.

I suggest life siphon and enfeebling blood. life siphon you can cast on more than one enemy and with high blood magic can easily get at least 9 health regens. And enfeebling blood weakens a group of enemies attacks by 66%(I think) so you live longer. Also mark of pain and/or spiteful spirit can be very helpful as you are doing physical damage and will trigger mark of pain to hit all enemies adjacent to your target for upwards near 40 damage per hit.

If what you want is to be a tank who can heal him/herself WHILE damaging enemies by using vampiric spells however, I would suggest playing W/N. You wont have as much energy or energy regen but you will take less damage and with the bonus of having the strength attribute you will deal more damage as well.

You are not a one man team however and do not expect to be invincible as a N/W or a W/N. Finding the difference between a meleemancer and a warrior is what you need to do.

22-05-2005, 06:22
i was using Life Siphon and vamp gaze, but i had my blood magic to about 13 (i think) and was only doing 3 regen on my life siphon and u said that it would be 9. and no i wasnt spamming them =) i was doing ok but just died fast, ill have 2 check out the spells u said.

Btw should i go 10 blood magic with 10 curse? or the other way around and put those 10 curse points into swords?


22-05-2005, 07:47
I have 14 Blood and 12 axe mastery with 5 SR and it seems to me that with life siphon, it doesnt go above 3 >: / even with 15 Blood Magic, it did not raise to 4. Im not sure if it will raise to 4 if you have 16 though for I have not gotten up there yet... As a N/W I do seem to die quite a bit since we are in the front lines and our armor is not meant for us to be up there... Using Vampiric Gaze and touch is good but just doesnt quite save you if you have a few attacking you at the same time. Shadow Strike is also another skill worth using and of course the incredible life transfer. Life transfer is great @_@ gives 8 degen on target and gives you 8 regen for only 10 energy. Although the 30 second recharge means you wont be using it that often and if you dont use it wisely it wont be available when you need it most >_> I find when I play, whenever I get near death I stand back and let the warriors have fun for a bit and use my ranged spells until I get enough health back. As a blood N/W i also use well of blood and it is very useful :D for myself and anyone in it. 6 regen to everyone in its range is yummy. Grenths Balance is a interesting skill o_O and is very good on bosses with lots of health and whenever your near death and want a stronger vamp touch type skill. It has the potential to do damage equal to your max health so it can do very good damage but having the 60 second recharge kills it and I would much rather have Life Transfer :love19: I really enjoy playing this build and the only bad thing I can think of is just the being up in the front lines with not much armor aspect of this build. Other than that, its fun to use an axe and mellee while using blood magic to steal the targets health and eat it :happy34:

22-05-2005, 08:07
You guys are missing the way to use siphon for good healing...cast it on MORE THAN ONE enemy....3 regen for EACH enemy hexed with it...hence cast it 3 times in a matter of about 7 seconds while it lasts for over 20 each....9 regen for you. I dont know how feasible that is for N/W because you have to spend time casting it so you wont be doing damage with your weapon but thats how i keep my secro healed when i play sacrifice skills.

life transfer in my opinion is trash for survival magics. too long of a cooldown. use it only as a means of putting big degen on an opponent. like if you are killing a monk who keeps using healing breeze and/or that divine shield thing. for those monks more degen = better. but the low duration and high cooldown on tranfer is trash for it taking up an eite spots...there are better things to put there.

22-05-2005, 11:05
He is correct. Life Siphon two enemies and you're pretty well set for the battle. Just remember to cast it again at another enemy before the first two wear out, or you'll be in trouble.