View Full Version : Monk Wand With Energy Addition?

Sergeant Thorson
22-05-2005, 07:05
Are there one handed weapons for monks that have a solid amount of energy addition like +10 or higher? Or are those only on staffs? I currently run a upgraded holy staff (Insightful Holy Staff of Shelter) or something like that and it does +15 energy because I upgraded it...but, if I were to find a one handed weapon with +10 to energy and then use a healing ankh of something with +12, I would be very happy. Just let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance!

22-05-2005, 20:16
I have +3 energy on my wand with no restrictions. I haven't seen or heard of anything higher than this so far.

He Hate Me
23-05-2005, 08:11
+3 is the best i have too, and i havent seen tons of those( 2 to be exact)

23-05-2005, 08:47
I use a Fire Wand that gives +2 energy, and a Divine Symbol that gives:

+8 Energy (req 6 divine favor)
+15 Energy
-1 Energy regen
+30 Health

The bonuses rock, but having one less energy "pip" really is noticeable... I'm trying it out to see how it works...

All in all, I get +25 energy from my wand + divine symbol

I haven't seen any wand higher then +3 myself...

24-05-2005, 11:20
i try not to use items that take away a pip of regen cause you really notice it :-/
and it also means you can maintain one enchantment less when needed

also i'm missing wands that use healing players as a requirement to wield cause my full ele/mo (full healing) couldn't wield any staff/wand cause i didn't have enough protecting players and div f was out of question cause of ele as main class

24-05-2005, 18:30
I found a +10 energy wand with -1 energy regen before.

It was actually in a piece of wreckage in Old Ascalon, outside of sanitarium.
I had gone out to make some rare materials and I found it.

That was the highest I've seen... I've never found any wand weapons that gave +energy after that.

24-05-2005, 18:53
Max +en on wands/rods is +5


24-05-2005, 21:05
The 20+ energy offhands with a -1 to regen are useful as a second weapon slot for those "oh crap" situations, as switching over to them in the middle of battle will give you a nice boost to your energy. When you run out of energy there however, and you go to switch back to your primary weapon for the faster regen, you will be stuck at 0 energy for a second or so, so be careful...

Ahastar Darktalon
24-05-2005, 23:46
I managed to grab a fire wand that does pretty much zip damage in my hands, but gives me +5 Energy without any restrictions whatsoever. I was pretty damn lucky to get this piece at level 8 just after I left Old Ascalon. I have never seen something like it again, so I assume it is damn rare.

By now I am in the hardcore Shiverpeaks...and am still useing that fire wand. I didn't customize it either because it will be handed over to every new character I create.