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22-05-2005, 13:40
hi ,
i've got some questions about my build so i can improve myself ( who knows)

Healing Prayers : 8
Strenght: 8
Hammer Mastery:8

Frenzy :33% faster attacking (usefull as fighting with a hammer is slow )
Healing Signet
Hammer Bash : Knowkdown ( interupting skillz etc)
Griffons Sweep : forgot what it does

Vigerous Spirit
Heal Other ( +112 health for ally)
Rebirth/ could also use ressurect
Healing Breeze

So how could i improve myself maybe lowering the attribute points of Healing prayers , tactic's ? and a change a skillz ?

I would appreciate some help ;)


22-05-2005, 15:42
What is the reason for all the Tactics? If it is just for that Healing Signet, drop the points, put them in Healing Prayers.

That would be better for PvE or PvP, which by the way makes a difference on your build.

So, what is this build for PvE or PvP?

22-05-2005, 16:29
It's for PvE and thx i'll reduce those tactic's + i share the game with my brother he bought it ( and he wants 3 charc so no place for a PvP char then but we'll see about that ;)

22-05-2005, 17:57
invest ur last 52 points (which u will get later) in hammer mastery and get the powers irresistable blow and/or crude swing. instead of tactics go for strength to help increase ur damage or smiting powers as some of these attacks rock in PvE (and no one expects them in PvP).

22-05-2005, 19:03
no frenzy with hammer = dead meat IMO ^_^ good thing u added :D

PS.All Your Base Are Belong To Us :winking47

22-05-2005, 21:23
PS.All Your Base Are Belong To Us :winking47

What do u mean by that ?? :)

2) thx for the comments , some more could come in handy but i'll change the some stuff tomorrow :)