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22-05-2005, 18:50
i've been a w/mo thru all the RP game, including accension. Now pvp is getting more and more important. W/Mo first off is not really a group healer at all, and mostly can only be used for your own purposes. two regen on a warrior is also pretty low to be a monk with.

So i've been thinking about it,and guildies have said some good stuff. What about changing my sec prof to Ranger, then i could blind whoever i was attacking (throw dirt), poision (apply poision), along with other moves that would be more PVP directed.

Just wondering what you would think of this idea? Of course i have no real idea of the pros and cons of changing your seconday, i've seen a lot of different ideas.

22-05-2005, 19:12
Well for pvp purposes, my guild is against self healing on w/mo's. They say to bring some usfull skills to help the group out like, life barrier(elite) life bond, judges insight(for damage) anything that would improve you, or your team.

So you may want to get a differn't proffesion for a secondary.

23-05-2005, 00:00
OOOHH wait nvm i didn't know you were talking about PVP, actually id go with W/E for PVP, lots of damage, i personally think thats the best secondary profession for a PVP warrior. :p

23-05-2005, 00:05
You may want to consider just speccing Smiting. Judge's Insight and Strength of Honor will buff your damage up a considerable amount. Couple that with a Zealous weapon and you're good to go.