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22-05-2005, 20:58
Ok so i was wondering if there is a maximum, amount of health degeneration any singular character can take at a time. I recently read some place, that using life transfer and sipheon, will 'max out' a persons health degeneration. (considering the caster has maxed blood magic using runes.)

WARNING: Possible story line plot spolier ahead.

My question is, how can the 'max' be so low if the mursaat can use a skill which without infused armour gives -100 health degen? Is there a limit on health degeneration? Or is this simply a myth i've read?

I only ask due to the fact, i have created uite a powerful DoT build. (Necro/Mes) And i cast life transfer and life sipheon, i canhonestly say IF i cast conjure phantasm, there seems to be little or no effect from it.

Let me just take the spells and their maximum base value, and show what happen:

Life sipheon -3 hp degen.
Life transfer -7 health degen.
Conjure phantasm -5 degen.

I cast them in this order as to keep the maximum amount of degen on the person for the longest period of time based on my attributes in each stat, but after i cast the first 2 spells -10 hp degen. I notice NO diffrence in their hp degen speed after i cast conjure phantasm. Should'nt -10.. to -15 be a fairly noticable diffrence?

Am i simply not noticing the diffrence?
Is there a limit on degen?

23-05-2005, 00:06
i'm pretty sure that 10 (+/-) is the max for any regen/degen. the mursaats must be a special case.

23-05-2005, 00:41
Yes, the maximum +/- HPR for players is 10. Anything else is a special case for story purposes.

23-05-2005, 02:41
ACTIVELY there is a limit to +/- 10...however...someone can have more that that on them it will just not do any more damagethan 10 would. The reason you might want to do more than 10, like mursaat as an example, is to counter and healing breeze, or other healing over time things. if you notice when mursaat hit u with their move when u are not infused...you cant stop the dot by having healing breeze or shield of regeneration on you.

so while some people tell you to not get the ability to do over -10 DoTs you may want to have the option of negating a good healing breeze and shield of regen...although the better way to do that would be to remove enchantments.

kid icarus
23-05-2005, 18:47
The thing about the Mursaat is that their skill isn't health degen. It's more like the effect of a chaos storm, where you lose a set amount of health every .5-1second. If it were degen, the health loss wouldn't pop up in red on your screen.

24-05-2005, 01:40
For the record, the Muursat skill in question does both degen and damage - if you mouse over the description of the icon you get from the hex it shows the values for both, the degeneration shows in your health bar as down arrows and the damage pops up on screen. I've been too lazy to infuse my new boots, and with one item un-infused I take 3 pips of health regen and 9 damage per second for the duration of the hex. When I wear a scar pattern other than my usual (my spares aren't infused) I get 5 pips of degen and 20 damage per second.

If I recall correctly, someone with no infused armor gets 10 pips of degen and 100 damage per second; not that it matters much really, since you're going to be eating dirt so fast once they hit you with it that it may as well be an instant kill.

As people have said, you can stack as much degeneration as you want on someone and it has no effect after -10 unless it's countering something else (healing breeze, mending, etc.)