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The Tyblat
22-05-2005, 23:00
well ive made a few M/W and W/M and i can never decide what weapon to use. I love the swords speed and many special attacks, i love the cyclone axe, and i lover the hammer bash. Ive been tellin myself to stick with the axe so i can be the underdog that owns, then i see some guy with a fiery dragonsword come tear some level 20 monster to shreds. I was wonderin, what weapon really is the best? I know there will be some mixed answers but give em to me :D

23-05-2005, 00:02
- Disrupting Chop and Cyclone Axe (worth their weight in gold)
- Very adrenaline based and not energy intensive. Can use Battle Rage to a decent degree
- Syngerizes well with a secondary that uses energy on an consistent basis (W/Mo with Judge's Insight, W/N with the life stealing, etc...)
- Same attack speed as the Swords, faster than the Hammers
- Broader damage range than the Sword. 6-28 max
- Aesthetically (and personally) Chaos Axes are pretty damn cool

- Best anti-casting skills available to a Warrior
- Knockdowns in PvP (and in PvE versus that annoying Monk boss) are very useful
- Backbreaker+Hammer Bash/Devastating Hammer+Heavy Blow are powerful combinations
- Somewhat adrenaline and energy intensive
- Slow attack speed which leads to slower adrenaline growth
- Highest damage range possible. 19-35 max
- Loss of a shield (and it's potential bonuses)

- Narrow damage range. 15-22 max
- Can be energy intensive. Can use Flourish to a very decent degree
- Same attack speed as the Axes, faster than the Hammers
- Aesthetically Dragon Swords are nice looking
- Due to the popularity of the Swords, it may be hard and/or expensive to locate a good sword

Overall? Personally I side with the Axes. The abundance of decent elites coupled with the non-intensive energy usage was what sold me. Plus how can you turn down Disrupting Chop?

23-05-2005, 00:18
Disrupting Chop and Penetrating Blow are both 4 adrenaline skills, and they're also both very useful skills. Using Cyclone Axe in a group of enemies can easily allow you to reuse those skills again and again and again.