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22-05-2005, 23:32
my mo / me

healing breeze (worth every 10 mana!)
heal other (at 10 mana its for emergencies)
word of healing elite (use on team mates with <50% health)
dwanyas kiss (use it on hexed team mates to heal for 100 for 5 mana!)
aegis (or a funky mesmer spell)
energy tap (keeps me healing and can ruin some peoples day)

i have 13 heal, think its 11 protection for 9sec aegis and 54 point mend condtion, 3 in ill for energy tap (giving 10 energy steal)

aegis is good but at 15 mana i sometimes swap it for other funky spells. thats the good part of being a mesmer, you can stick in stuff like panic (get a nice bunch of them together and hit it), channelling or any of the shutdown spells.

problems with my build : -

can only use healing breeze and mend condition on myself
its tempting to wait those extra few seconds for mana to hit aegis when you should be healing :P
no defense spells

good points : - no other monk can outheal you, i press buttons 3 4 5 then maybe 3 or 2 and a team mate who was about to say WTF is back at 100% health in a second.

aegis - if you have other monks you can use this and then hit energy tap

mend condition - poison is probably the iwin button in this game, when all your teams bars go that dark green colour and health regen is at -5, you are glad you have this in the bar. oddly enough ive never seen another monk use this..

well i dont have every spell unlocked and im trying to get rank3 before i go back to pvp (52 points to go!) but in pvp this guy has done quite well.

while im at it, heres my whine for the day,

"who is picker?" ..silence..
"guys there are 5 warriors here, one of you should pick"
...one of the other monks giggles..
"ok ill lead, let the monk take the front, warriors hide behind the priest and do nothing, infact go afk. other monks, split away from me and die in a corner alone"

whine out :happy14:

24-05-2005, 19:19
are there no mo / me's with any comments ? other than getting some new elite skills, am i to believe this is the best of the best ???

(thatll get some attention ^^ :uhhuh: )

24-05-2005, 20:04
I don't pvp much but looks like you lose out healing without divine favor. And healing breeze and heal other both need 10 energy, after aegis and a couple heals you're down to your last 10 energy. Tho you have kiss and word of healing which are very good cheap healing spells.

I believe energy tap costs you 5 energy, so the actual gain is actually only 5, 1 cheap heal spell. And recharge is... 25 sec?

With high protection prayers maybe you should consider ROF?

Also I don't think healing breezing and mend condition will save you when you're focus fired.

24-05-2005, 21:02
Divine favor bonus is key, without that you won't be outhealing any other monk. Mend condition is a pretty decent skill, but is far better when coupled with the divine favor bonus. Also consider that usually when someone gets poisoned, they will just get poisoned over and over again. Healing Breeze is a more effective counter to poison than Mend Condition in this instance. Energy tap is decent, but consider the Leech Signet as well, for this costs no energy, and having an interrupt can be useful.

Also, Word of Healing is a powerful enough big heal that is cheaper than Heal Other (again, especially combined with that Divine Favor bonus). You shouldn't need both Word of Healing and Heal Other. I'd consider trying to fit Healing Seed in there somewhere, and maybe drop the Heal Other, unless you want to go with a different elite than the Word of Healing. Like you said, this isn't a particularly defensive build either, as you will be in a bit of trouble if forced to heal yourself, which you will be in a PvP situation especially. In that instance, having something like Healing Touch, Signet of Devotion, or Orison is useful for a cheap self-heal, and also as a direct heal for other party members in a pinch.

The Signet of Devotion is nice because again, there is no energy requirement. There is however a recharge time of 5 seconds, but this isn't your primary heal spell, I've found that 5 seconds to be good enough to justify using this skill. It is all up to you however, these are just some observations and suggestions from a fellow Mo/Me. (Oh and by the way, Energy Tap is linked to inspiration magic, not illusion)

24-05-2005, 21:16
I also play a mo/me. Here's my feedback on your build: This builds main problem is energy management. Using Aegis and Healing Breeze will quickly use up your energy. IMHO, Healing Breeze isn't that good of a spell. I carry it to combat health degen but thats about it. It is not a good all around heal. Heal other, when you have DF, heals for more, and instantaneously. Heal other really outshines Healing Breeze in PVP. In PVE, you put Healing Breeze on someone and their healthbar will dramatically slow its rate of descent while they are getting pounded. If you use Breeze in PVP the 16-18 health per second wont mean a thing when that person is getting focus fired for 60-100 dps. When someone is focus fired you need that quick 200 hp heal to recover from the second or so that it took for you to react to the other teams attack.

For energy management, I use signet of devotion. Since you aren't using DF, thats not an option. If you still want to use this basic build I suggest ditching monk as your primary. You could be a primary mesmer but fast casting would lead to even more energy management issues. I think your best bet would be to switch to a E/mo and put in a glyph or one of the ether spells instead of energy tap.

You will also have trouble defending yourself when you are focus fired. You could try one of the mesmer mantras or rely on someone else to save you.

25-05-2005, 04:55
I find breeze to be one of the best spells I carry, I find if I can keep breeze on them I can use cheaper heals to keep them up. And as said before without divine favor, you won't be out healing me any time soon.