View Full Version : Me/Mo This a decent PvP build?

23-05-2005, 04:52
Hey guys trying to think of a new type of build to see if its works this is my current dude

Me/Mo 20
12 Smiting Prayers
10 Domination
8 Fast Casting

Ressurection Signet
Bane Signet
Holy Strike
Symbol of Wrath
Banish (gunna swap for Signet of Judgement as soon as i get)

so heres my basic strategy:
Against Melee: cast empathy, run up and cast symbol of wrath so they take dmg every second and take dmg when they attack me. then i cast bane signet its about a 75% knockdown for 50 dmg, then do holy strike for about 70, the dudes pretty weak from empathy and the SoW, so hes like 2/5 hp then i cast smite for additonal 60 to 70 dmg, and banish for 50.

Against Caster: Same strat except cast backfire first

so they basically take like 250 dmg from empathy and SoW, then the rest is like 190-210, its decent in a matter of like 10-15 seconds but i dont know if its strong enough to kill sumone solo. and u think its a good PvP.

any input is appreciated thanx

23-05-2005, 08:36
basically energy dump, and not a very effective one. If your only taking monk for smiting then I would change to elementalist...

23-05-2005, 22:36
My answer to you would be....

Remove Hex
Heal myself
Your dead because you can't heal yourself...

...let me guess, it's the Monk's job to heal you :)